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Discuss Priestley's use of dramatic devices in his play 'An Inspector Calls'.

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Discuss Priestley's use of dramatic devices in his play 'An Inspector Calls' By Aasha Kotecha 10/80 John Boyton Priestly was born in Bradford, Yorkshire on 13th September 1894. At the age of 16 Priestley decided he wanted to leave school and wanted to make a career of writing, he said "I believe there is a world outside of the classroom." In 1910 priestly became a 'very junior clerk' with the local wool firm, which I found ironic because he wanted to be a writer. An inspector calls was written in 1934 but set in 1912 the year of titanic. In An Inspector Calls Priestley uses past and present happenings to interest the audience, for example The Titanic. The titanic was said to be the most extraordinary and the most unsinkable ship of our time. The titanic only made one voyage, in 1912 which ended in disaster. In the icy waters of the north Atlantic in the dead of the night, the titanic struck an iceberg and went down with the loss of some 1,523 lives. ...read more.


He also had a large dinner table placed upon it was champagne glasses a bottle of port and a box of cigars. The audience can relate to this in there lives, by using the set priestly has made the audience familiar with what he was trying to do. Not only is the set important but costumes of the characters are to, all the five characters are in evening wear, and the audience can relate this to a family celebrating a special occasion. Also important is the lighting in act one in the stage directions it says, the lighting should be pink and intimate until the inspector arrives and then it should be brighter and harder. I think priestly is using the lighting to create a mood the pink lighting shows a sense of the saying looking through rose tinted glasses because everything seems fine but when the inspector enters on stage they will have harder brighter lighting which is creating a mood of tension. ...read more.


There are many kinds of irony, but at its basic level it implies a difference or incongruity. Often it is a difference between what is said and what is meant. Dramatic irony refers to something the audience knows but the character in the play does not. In Mr. Birling's case the audience knows that there was a war they also know the titanic sank. Priestly uses juxtaposition very well in this play he uses the two characters; Mrs. Birling a woman of the older generation who is stubborn minded, who won't let any one persuade her she has done wrong, he uses to compare Sheila a woman of the younger generation, Sheila is Mrs. Birling's daughter Sheila is said to be Priestley's mouthpiece through which his views are expressed. Sheila knows she has done wrong and she is the one who brings out the moral behind the play. In my opinion Priestley did well in getting his views across in this play it showed a sense of understanding of whet the audience where going through, he showed that he knew the thoughts and feeling of the audience. He showed a sense of connection between him and his audience. ...read more.

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