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Discuss Russell Crowes' Gladiator.

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Gladiator The epic film, Gladiator, is shown to many people worldwide. The target audience of this film is people aged 15 and over, probably more men would prefer to watch it, because of all the fighting/action. The trailer promotes this by showing different clips of battles that take place, also the poster shows the Gladiator ready to go into battle, with the arena behind him, which shows us there will be fighting. Use of camera On the poster, Russell Crowe is suggested as the main, most important character of the film. He is shown bigger in perspective to how he would actually look, because the crowd fade away into the background, and also the Coliseum is made to look smaller (which is the biggest and most famous building in Rome) ...read more.


There are also close-ups of himself, which makes everyone aware that he is the main character in this film. In the montage section (the middle of the trailer) there are 15 clips, shared in only 11 seconds, making each one stand out, but only as a flash, this creates impact, also no effects are used on these clips, just non-stop action. Music At the start of the trailer, drums use sound to direct the viewer's eyes to the text that appears on-screen. Heroic-type music plays, which is fast, loud and jumpy, therefore this shows that the film is an action film. Battle-type music is also played (trumpets/horns) in an old-style way, showing that the film is set a long time ago. All of this is setting the mood for the film. ...read more.


One piece of text shown is '2000AD), which fits in with the historical theme that Gladiator tries to show. At the beginning of the trailer, all the text that appears is placed onto a black background, this makes it stand out. Also to fit in with the Roman setting, the font used it 'New Times Roman'. There is a balanced proportion of the text and images shown because the text is shown first, explaining what the picture will show, then the picture is shown, and they fit in well together (Visual supporting text). No punctuation is used throughout the trailer. 'The' is used when referring to the Gladiator, which makes him sound very important (Definite article). The text fades away and uses 'freeze frames'. On the poster, the word 'Gladiator' is in the same colour which is used on the background, also very centred and in historical-like font, to fit in with the historical film, a sepia tone is created, also showing this. ...read more.

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