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Discuss Shelley's presentation of 'the creation' as an outsider in 'Frankenstein'.

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Discuss Shelley's presentation of 'the creation' as an outsider in 'Frankenstein' Looks, personality, beliefs and background are all characteristics which could create an outsider. An outsider is a person who does not fit in, who is different, who does not belong. People ridicule outsiders, ignore them, fear them, hate them or they may pity and sympathise with them. Society needs outsiders to have a more positive self-image and it gives a certain sense of power. 'Frankenstein' written by Mary Shelley in the early 19th century, a time when science was feared and considered evil and immoral, is a horror story of a man learning to be a doctor. ...read more.


The night of the creation was 'dreary' and 'stormy'. This immediately tells us that the scene will not be pleasant. Shelley describes the creature as 'demoniacal'. This interpretation of the creation tells us that it is not human, showing that Shelley has created an outsider of the human race. Shelley supports this idea by using the 'monster's' looks. The creations 'dull yellow eyes' and 'hideous' face would horrify most people and lead them to reject the 'monster', turning him into an outsider. On th night of the creation, Frankenstein is the first person to reject the 'demoniacal corpse' when 'the beauty of the dream vanished and disgust filled his heart.' ...read more.


The creature attempts to gain acceptance from De Lacey. Shelley shows that De Lacey is the first human to accept the creation, who is not 'prejudice' towards the creature during their encounter. This could be because De Lacey is blind and cannot see the creation's 'demoniacal form' or that De Lacey is 'also unfortunate' and understands the pain in the creation's mind. The creature knows that he has been rejected by the city from which he came and his conversation with De Lacey, the creation's speech supports this idea. The creation says that he is an 'unfortunate and deserted creature' an 'outcast' Although the encounter with De Lacey is mainly about the understanding of two outsiders, we see the rejection of the creation once more. ...read more.

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