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Discuss the changes which take place in the character of Bamforth in 'the long and the short and the tall' by Willis Hall.

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Discuss the changes which take place in the character of Bamforth in 'the long and the short and the tall' by Willis Hall The first impression we get of Bamforth is that he is lazy and unmotivated. It is clear that he does not like Corporal Johnstone by the way he talks about him behind his back. For example when Johnstone and Sergeant Mitchem leave the hut to explore the surrounding jungle he calls Johnstone a creep, a toe-rag and says he wants carving up. He also says that when he leaves the army he would like to meet Johnstone once so he could 'smash his face in.' He also says that the 'London boys' are the best fighters around. We first get the feeling that he does not get on that well with the rest of the patrol when he says to Evans 'Go back to Wales, you Cardiff creep'. He gets on Smith's nerves and this is apparent when Smith says 'shut up about it, I'm fed up of bloody Southerners shouting the odds'. ...read more.


Whittaker try's the radio again but gets nothing, when he protests that he had got something bamforth says 'that's your story boy you stick to it'. Another sign tat bamforth is a bit racist is when, after Evans makes a joke about Bamforth not being able to get higher up in the army ranks Bamforth replies, 'That's all you know you Welsh rabbit you'd be the first to suffer'. Also when Evans' mother sends him the wrong magazine and Evans says she must have slipped up Bamforth says, 'Yeah she slipped up all right when she had you'. The patrol gets annoyed with Bamforth and it is clear when, as mentioned earlier Macleish asks bamforth for a fight. Bamforth tries to demoralize the troops and an example of this is when he tells Evans that his girlfriend is probably up in the mountains with a big yank. Also when Evans playfully offers bamforth a fight Bamforth almost breaks his leg by twisting it around by the ankle and he wont let go of it until Evans says that he is an ignorant Welsh taff. ...read more.


His attitude towards the prisoner when he arrives is one of mockery. He treats the prisoner like a child by giving him commands like 'Drop fingers'. He also shows his racist side when he starts to change his words by adding an L after the first letter. For example, instead of 'fingers on bonce' he says 'flingers on blonce' and also instead of 'drop fingers' he says 'dlop flingers'. When the prisoner actually obeys him he talks about how the prisoner obeys him like a child. When the prisoner first arrived and Bamforth said he would kill him, when Mitchem stopped him he couldn't resist frightening him once more with the bayonet. His attitudes towards the prisoner start to change when the prisoner shows him a picture of his family. Bamforth comments on how his wife is quite nice looking and that he has two kids. He can't resist having a go at Smith though when the prisoner indicates that he has a baby as well as two children. ...read more.

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