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Discuss the character of Willie Mossop in "Hobson's Choice". What advice would you give to an actor playing Willie's role in a stage production of the play?

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DISCUSS THE CHARACTER OF WILLIE MOSSOP IN "HOBSON'S CHOICE". WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO AN ACTOR PLAYING WILLIE'S ROLE IN A STAGE PRODUCTION OF THE PLAY? Harold Brighouse wrote "Hobson's Choice". Mr. Brighouse was born in Lancashire 1882. Harold Brighouse wrote a lot of plays featuring Lancashire. Harold was a very clever in school but wasn't interested in going to University. Mr. Brighouse was brought up happily in middle-class family. Mr. Brighouse's father was called by the name of John Brighouse. Mr. Brighouse was a Theatergoer. He went to local theatres. When went on holiday to London he found a whole different world. Mr. Brighouse returned and quitted his job in the office to become a full time play writer. Mr. Brighouse and some local people formed a group called Manchester School of Dramatists. Manchester School of Dramatists wrote about ordinary people and their lives. The newly formed group changed the art of plays. During 1800-1900 plays were mainly about the rich and popular. Manchester School of Dramatists changed play writing and involved the poor and ordinary. In 1914 the play industry halted because of the outbreak of World War One, which lasted for four years. At the start of World War One Mr. Brighouse was in France. He was forced to leave France and return home. At this point Mr. Brighouse really started to concentrate on writing his plays. When Mr. Brighouse started to write his plays with passion and pride he wrote the play "Hobson's Choice." ...read more.


To stress how the actor can play Willie's part like a child at the start of the play, the actor will say his lines looking half way up from the trap door observing the so called adults (Mrs. Hepworth and Mr. Hobson). Willie in act three looks and seems to have more confidence. Willie rushes his little speech at the start of act three. Maggie in front of Hobson shows that Willie is the master of the house. This is shown when Hobson asks Maggie if he can come in (Maggie's and Willie's house). Maggie replies, "well, I don't know. I'll have to ask the master about that." Willie has got a lot more confidences than he had in act one and two. Willie when asked question replied back with strong answer and also interrupted Hobson when between each sentences. Hobson, ".... I've dodged them, and they've caught me in the end. They'll squeeze me dry for it." Willie, "my word, and that's summit like a squeeze and all," Willie interrupts Hobson and also is trying to bring comedy in to the play at the expense of Hobson. Willie seems to be astonished when Maggie refers to the " Salford Reporter," sarcastically Willie says, " eh by gum, think of that! To have your name appearing in the Guardian!" Willie at the end of act three is seen as a little boy as he was shown in act one and two. ...read more.


Willie is coming up in the world he dresses more like what he wants to be a businessman who owns his own shoe shop. So he doesn't look like a low classed person and also to show the world his position. The actor playing Willie has to make a very big change in the way he walks, talks and also the way he stands. The actor has to realize that this is not the Willie in act one and two who acted like a child. Willie in act four is a man, a bit higher than the average man. The actor will have to show this with the tone of his voice, speaking quickly and clearly. Hobson's Choice is a Lancashire comedy. It is set in 1880 in Salford. The themes apply to different times and different places. Issues that arose were about children vs. parents, women's right and employment. The language is typical and the humor used in the play. The language was spoken in a Northerly accent, foe example "owt" meaning nothing. It is a sort of Standard English. The doctor has a Scottish accent, he used words like "ken" meaning understand and he also says "ye" and "ma" in English he means you and my. Hobson's Choice is very hard to direct. The stage direction are very detailed and paresis. It would be very difficult for a stage designer to put this on stage. For example, the stage director has to some how get Hobson's shop, the cellar 39A Oldfield Road and also Hobson's living room on stage. Ummer Chaudhry 11H :) 1 ...read more.

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