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Discuss the development of Ebenezer Scrooge in Christmas Carol

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Discuss the development of Ebenezer Scrooge in Christmas Carol Charles Dickens wrote the novel 'A Christmas Carol' in the 1800's. 'A Christmas Carol' focuses on a very mean character called Ebenezer Scrooge, who unnaturally receives a chance to make amends for his actions towards his clients. Life in Britain in the 1800's was very dark and gloomy, also its population was increasing rapidly. At this time and age, Britain's industrial revolution was in full flow, thus making Britain's population explode. Charles dickens had uncountable financial problems and was in in huge dept. In addition to this, in the fall of 1843 dickens and his wife were expecting their fifth child. Supporting his large family was difficult for Dickens. Requests for money from his family and a large mortgage had left Dickens seriously short of cash. In a way Dickens most cherished and most read books was created as a result of his own desperate need of money. Charles Dickens routinely walked the city streets, 10 or 20 miles at a time, observing the life. The descriptions in his writing seem like an exact replica of what he observed and experienced during these times. Evidence of this shown in the text. Descriptions such as 'a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching,' may show how Charles Dickens might have behaved when he had his desperate money problems. ...read more.


Scrooge then says something to the ghost that is very, very unusual: 'There was a boy singing a Christmas Carol at my door last night, I would like to give him something.' This is probably the first time that Scrooge has ever shown any affection for anyone, which shows that the presence of the ghosts are developing Scrooge's character in a divine way. In stave 3 of the novel Scrooge is visited by yet another ghost who says to represent Christmas present. This ghost shows Scrooge how other families, such as the clerk's and the Cratchits. Scrooge sees that even though the Cratchits are very poor, they can have a high quality of life and be happy at Christmas. Earlier on in the novel Scrooge says a cold blooded thing concerning one of the Cratchits son called Tiny Tim who looks very frail and scrawny and much too vulnerable to the hands of death: 'If he be like to die he had better do it and decrease the surplus population.' Scrooge's cold heart was so uncaring, that he thought that the death of a person was a benefit or an advantage to people. However, when the ghost showed Scrooge this family, his reminiscence of his past sayings had a different effect on him: 'Scrooge hung his head to hear his own words quoted by the spirit and was overcome with penitence and grief.' ...read more.


For example, instead of sacking one of his employees for being late, he raises his salary another example is that the story says that Scrooge became like a second father to Tiny Tim. In this stave there is also evidence that points to the outcome of the story as the mood of the novel suddenly changes from a dark and gloomy mood to a more happy mood. Words such as 'Bright' and 'Golden sunlight' show that something marvellous and positive is going to happen to Scrooge and his character. These hints are fulfilled when the text says: 'Glowing with good intentions' Obviously from this, the reader can see that Scrooge is a changed man, and is exploding with good deeds and emotions, and instead of planning to do evil he is planning to do something obliging. Language devises such as similes are also used to show Scrooge's development in character: 'As happy as an angel' This simile is used to further emphasize the alteration in Scrooge's personality. Since Angels are portrayed to be perfect heavenly creatures it is obvious to the reader that Scrooge has made some miraculous changes from being a cold hearted, uncaring and evil man into a loving, kind and angelic new man. In my personal opinion, I believe that the presence of the ghosts were like stepping stones to the development of Scrooges character. It seemed to me that the lessons taught by the ghosts became more and more severe as Scrooge's mind gradually softens. Shem Atiakoh Discuss the development of Ebenezer Scrooge in Christmas Carol ...read more.

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