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Discuss the Difference between Standard English, Accent and Dialect

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Natalie Barker A.C 6.1,2,3,6. 7.5,8.1 Access to HE English Workshop - Essay 'Discuss the differences between Standard English, Accent and Dialect' English is the most spoken and written language in the world today with approximately 380 million native speakers. English is spoken by one out of every six people in the world. It is the primary language of the United States, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and, partly, Canada. Across England there is different accents and dialects and it is the differences in these that will be looked into more in depth in this essay. ...read more.


It is seen by most that the more affluent people in society tend to speak Standard English either due to education for example being educated in a Private School or inherited from their parents. Many people who are affluent or people wanting to better themselves, choose to go to elocution lessons to improve the way they speak the English Language. This may be to give them a higher standing within the social circles they frequent or better opportunities be it in employment or even relationships! ...read more.


Accent is a variation in the way English Language is spoken. The way in which people pronounce certain words also differs in accent. It is true that many people can distinguish what region a person comes from simply be their accent. Dialect is the term used to describe the differences in vocabulary and grammar between different regions/ areas. This means that dialects belong to particular places and are usually spoken with the accent of the same area. Dialect differs from accent as it is the way in which we pronounce words for example someone from Newcastle would say 'I am gan' as opposed to 'I am going'. Websites http://www.englishlanguageguide.com/english/facts/stats/ http://www.bl.uk/learning/langlit/sounds/regional-voices/ http://www.dailywritingtips.com/accent-and-dialect/ ...read more.

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