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Discuss the Different Attitudes to the Explanations Of ¡®The Fear¡¯ Offered By Ralph, Piggy, Simon and Jack

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Discuss the Different Attitudes to the Explanations Of 'The Fear' Offered By Ralph, Piggy, Simon and Jack Simon Hearne In chapter 5, 'The Fear' is first mentioned on page 102 by Ralph. He is trying to explain that order is breaking up and in this speech Ralph gives he talks about people getting frightened, he dismisses this as 'littluns' talk', but then says he is frightened sometimes. He explains that this is like the fear of bogie men, childish and unjustified. Jack is the next to speak and handles things much more directly and powerfully, he says that the littluns started the fear, but without basis. He is sure that the beast had nowhere to come from. He, also, says that everyone gets scared sometimes and the littluns should get used to fear like everybody else; hereby admitting that even he, the hunter, gets frightened sometimes. Later, Jack goes on to say that it would serve them right if something did get [the littluns], and he describes the beast as an animal, giving it a more realistic image. ...read more.


After a pause, Ralph could see that everybody's hand was up, except, of course, Piggy's. This great belief in something that could not exist irritated Piggy, even after his explanation of why they couldn't exist, everyone still believed they could. He says that everyone should remember that he did not say he believed in ghosts. He started asking everyone whether they were humans or animals or savages and he said 'What's grown-ups going to think?' Showing that he still believes that they could be rescued and, also, his still strong link with normality, and his aunt who seemed to keep him on a tight leash. Ralph admits on page 102 that things are breaking up because of the fear, he says that that is littluns' talk and that they must decide there is nothing in it. He is sure that there is nothing in it, and to him, the only reason things are breaking up is that people do not realise that fear cannot hurt them. A change in Ralph is visible here, they way he addresses the crowd is becoming more mature, more like an adult; yet, he is still childish. ...read more.


On 104, however, Jack says, quite rightly, that he has been all over the island and that if there was a beast he would have found it by now. Jack thinks that the common fear is of the beast, whereas Ralph, Piggy and Simon think that it is, or should be, of the dark side of man, moral evil. Jack has the backing of the boys because he is a hunter; he manipulates the meeting by getting everybody more scared about this animal and seeming protective and strong, so as to get more boys to swap from the weak side to the stronger one, the hunters. Simon first appears in chapter five on page 106, where he admits to walking about in the dark. He does not appear again until page 111 where he becomes the first person to express to everyone his thoughts that the beast is them, in all of them, the evil side of everyone being brought out by the extraordinary circumstances surrounding their position. Simon has the same trouble as Piggy and Ralph in that he finds it difficult to express himself. 'Simon became inarticulate in his effort to express mankind's essential illness.' ...read more.

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