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Discuss the different ways these characters speak about love and marriage: Romeo, Juliet, Nurse, Mercutio, and Lady Capulet.

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BECKY LOWN 10B Discuss the different ways these characters speak about love and marriage: Romeo, Juliet, Nurse, Mercutio, and Lady Capulet. In the play many characters are in love or claim to be in love. Romeo starts off in love with Rosaline but quickly changes his views when he meets Juliet, he seems to not really know what love is or he only has a small understanding off it. Paris claims to be in love with Juliet but Juliet does not seem to fully understand what love is or whether she actually wants to be in love. Lady Capulet and Montague claim to be in love but have a strange way of showing this maybe because of their age difference. Lady Montague and Montague claim to be in love also this could be the same as the Capulets because of the age difference between them. Mercutio claims to have had a rough turn with love and so stays away from it and talks in riddles about it. The Nurse talks openly with Juliet about love and often makes bawdy jokes about Juliet or her and when her husband was alive. Romeo seems very definite at the beginning of the play that he is in love and shows all the "typical" symptoms of being in love. He is very quite and keeps himself to himself and likes to have little communication with his friends and family. ...read more.


tradition as well which appealed to her as she appears to be very overprotected and she wanted space and to be able to do something which she knew her parents would hate. She has taught to be very ladylike at all times so when she meets Romeo she is very reluctant to do anything with her but she becomes very relaxed with him and she likes the excitement involved in being with him and doing something her parents do not know about or would not consent too either. She seems to have many perfect idea of what love would be like that she is very confused about what it actually is and what it really is like. Mercutio is also like this he doesn't seem to really know what love is and he is very confused about what it is. He doesn't believe in love or take it seriously and he seems to be very unpredictable about what he will say about it. He is very imaginative about love and uses metaphors and stories to say his true feelings about love and hides them under the meaning of the story. He thinks life is a joke and he makes every situation into a joke so that he can either relate to it or so that he would not get hurt. He is scared of growing up and seems to be very child-like in behaviour. ...read more.


She doesn't worry whether Juliet will be happy in the marriage she just wants her to have the same treatment she did and to have more importance than the Monatagues. She is the perfect wife and does what she is told. She appears very happy to outsiders but she actually is very unhappy, as she has no authority over her husband or daughter. I think she secretly wishes she had fallen in love and not married for the sake of it. She seems more upset when she finds out Tybalt has died then when she finds out Juliet has I do not think this is because she does not love Juliet but because she feels younger when she was around Tybalt as she liked to flirt with him and he made her feel younger and that she was care-free. She is very image conscious and doesn't really care whether she is in love but what being in love can do for her. Love in general in Verona was a very eccentric thing. It seems as though the rich married for wealth and status and the poor tried too as well but love was more of an aspect to marriage than it was to the rich. The whole city seems to be influenced by love and not really care for much else. I think that they have a diversity of views on love but the main feeling is what can you get out of marriage and if love is involved all, the better. ...read more.

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