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Discuss the Dramatic effect of role models in Blood Brothers. Willy Russell wrote blood brothers to purely entertain the youth of Liverpool

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English Coursework (Blood Brothers Assignment) Discuss the Dramatic effect of role models in Blood Brothers. Willy Russell wrote blood brothers to purely entertain the youth of Liverpool, at a time when it was hard to get the students full attention. This play appealed to the kids and entertained them, which lead to the success of the play. The play was preformed for the first time at Fazackerley High School in 1983 in Willy Russell's hometown of Liverpool. I understand that Willy Russell has purposely used many role models throughout the play however on studying the play I have decided on focus on 'Sammy' and 'Linda' in more detail. ...read more.


Willy Russell Purposely leaves out Mr Johnson so that Sammy has to step into the role of the dominant male figure of the play, that then plays a vital role in the outcome of Mickey's life. Mickey lives in a crowded household and with the absence of his father you would expect him to look up to his mother a great deal but she often neglects her duties as a mother. Mrs Johnson doesn't really correct bad behaviour of her children and it could be said that she even neglects them and leaves them to do as they choose. When Mrs Johnson is disciplining her offspring she dose it very perfunctorily as if she if performing it as a duty but not because she cares that her children are misbehaving. ...read more.


Willy Russell's choice to create such a malevolent character for Mickey's greatest role model indicates he was aiming to make someone to lay the blame on for Mickey's bad turnout in life. Without Sammy, Mickey's life could have been a lot different. It is quite ironic how Mickey's greatest role model in the play contributed greatly to eventual downfall. Sammy asked Mickey to help him with the robbery. If his brother did not perform these acts as a child when Mickey looked up to him most he may of objected to this. The result in Mickey going along with Sammy on this robbery leads in Mickey's imprisonment. Therefore the dramatic effect of the role model in Mickey's life results in his imprisonment and eventually relying on medication everyday. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Whittle ...read more.

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