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Discuss the dramatic impact of act 2 scene 2

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Jonathan Sullivan Discuss the dramatic impact of act 2 scene 2 To achieve maximum impact in this scene, unconventional methods should be used to show how Macbeth is slowly beginning to slip into madness. Shakesphere has added an owl shrieking, this is to perhaps set up a dark atmosphere to link the scene with evil. The owl's shriek should just begin as Macbeth kills Duncan to show that a evil deed has been committed. Shakephere has deliberately not shown you the actual murder-taking place to show guilt and also by not seeing it we are left to imagine the murder-taking place and may, perhaps, have more affect on the viewer. It can be imagined as being bloodier than it really is. ...read more.


This shows the evil taking over Macbeth as anything related to good he has problems saying. Lady Macbeth would not commit the deed herself because as Duncan sleeps she resembles her father but she would be happy to kill her own baby as shown earlier on in the book. However she will make sure that the deed is complete without any problems by framing the two servants. A feint knocking should start in the background of the scene as Lady Macbeth departs to finish off the deed, the knocking should be in such away so that it resembles a heartbeat. Macbeth at this point should start scrubbing hands vigorously to show that there seems to be an everlasting amount of blood, like a sea of blood. ...read more.


He should stare at the daggers and keep his eyes fixed on the daggers until he gives them to Lady Macbeth. This shows how he realizes that the deed is wrong but it is too late to late to go back and change what he has done. This shows that Macbeth is slowly beginning to slip into madness. Macbeth should shout most of his lines where as Lady Macbeth should whisper to show that Lady Macbeth is calm at this point where as Macbeth is scared and angry. The shriek that the owl makes should be loud and fast to show that the murder has been carried out quickly and smoothly. As Macbeth begins to clean the blood off his hands he should scrub it clean off but carry on to show that he is seeing his hands as being still covered in blood but are really clean. This shows that he is going mad. ...read more.

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