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Discuss the dramatic significance of Act 3 - romeo and juliet

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Discuss the dramatic significance of Act 3 Scene 1 of 'Romeo and Juliet' Romeo and Juliet is a play about love, fate and hate. You know this because at the start of the play in the prologue it says 'From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean'. From this you can see that the play is about because it is about people not being to each other and having hate for one and another. You can tell that the play is about because once again it tells us in the prologue it says 'a pair of star- cross'd lovers', this tells it is about two people and their love for one and another. However from that same quote you can tell that the play is also about fate. We know this because Romeo and Juliet are not just lovers but they are 'star-cross'd lovers', this means that they are not going to have a perfect time but they are going to face many obstacles. Also from the prologue you know that it is not going to be all happy endings because it says 'The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love' you see that from fate there will be death and no happy endings. In Shakespeare's time many people thought hat they were not in control of their lives but that their lives were controlled by the planets by fate. People in those days were very superstitious. In the prologue the lovers are described as 'star-cross'd lovers', this means that they are going to have a difficult time together. ...read more.


The fact that Mercutio uses the two words 'Consort, and 'Minstrel' shows us that he will do anything to have a fight. He intentionally misreads the two words to try and provoke Tybalt to start off the fight. When Mercutio says 'Here's my fiddlestick', the audience know that he is ready for a fight because he draws out his sword. Mercutio pulls out his sword because he knows that if he takes out his sword then Tybalt will react. However Tybalt reacts in a very surprising way he just says 'Well, peace be with you sir, here comes my man.' From this we learn start away that he does not want to fight. Shakespeare does not make Mercutio say 'Here's my sword' but he makes Mercutio say 'Here's my fiddlestick.' He uses 'Fiddlestick' instead of 'Sword' because it makes it more interesting and a little witty. When Romeo enters he talks straight away about love. He says 'Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee,' we can see that he is a very kind and affectionate person. Even though Tybalt is a arched enemy Romeo still says that he loves Tybalt. He says this because he has married Juliet and so he believes that he has to love Tybalt as well. Tybalt says so many bad things to Romeo yet Romeo still talks about loving Tybalt. Romeo starts to talk about love from the minute he enters the stage. However, Tybalt is talking of hate but Romeo keeps his cool and ignores him. ...read more.


After Romeo has killed Tybalt he realises that he is no longer in control of his own life and he reveals this to the audience by saying 'O, I am fortune's fool,' he realises that his life is not in is his own hands. When the Prince arrives at the scene he turn's to Benvolio to give an account of the story. He turns to Benvolio because the Prince turns to Benvolio because he is the most honest person of them all. When the fight happened in Act1 Scene 1 the prince turned to Benvolio and he told the truth, so the audience know that he is an honest person. However, this time he does not give an honest account because he says that Tybalt was the one who started this fight. However the audience know that it was Mercutio was the one who started the fight. 'Of Tybalt, deaf to peace, but that he tilts with piercing stell at bold Mercutio's break,' Benvolio makes out that Tybalt was the one who provoked Mercutio. This time Benvolio lies and misses out that Mercutio was the one who provoked Tybalt. For Romeo and Juliet they can not be together 'Immediately we do exile him hence.' The prince said that Romeo will not be executed but he will not be allowed to live in Verona. So once again fate is playing with their lives and they can not be together again. Their lives are effected of what has happened here because there are going to be more fights between the families and they will not be able to live together in peace. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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