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Discuss The Effect Of Culture Or Tradition On The Theme Of 'Revenge' In 'The Schoolteachers Guest' And 'Vendetta'.

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Charlotte Bright 10CB Discuss The Effect Of Culture Or Tradition On The Theme Of 'Revenge' In 'The Schoolteachers Guest' And 'Vendetta'. Culture and traditions affect us all in different ways. Culture, from the Latin word colere, is a way of living and are the norms, values and customs of a country. Examples of this are Arab countries. Somewhere like Iran or Saudi Arabia things are very strict. Women are not allowed to drive and every woman must wear a head to foot abaya and Muslim police patrol streets. Visitors to the country must obey the rules and women visitors must wear an abaya at all times when outside also. In class we have been studying two short stories. The first is called 'Vendetta' written by Guy de Maupassant. Maupassant was born at the Ch�teau de Miromesnil, near Dieppe. Until he was thirteen years old Guy lived with his mother at �tretat, in the Villa des Verguies, where between the sea and the luxuriant country, he grew very fond of nature and outdoor sports; he went fishing with the fishermen off the coast and spoke patois with the peasants. He was deeply devoted to his mother. He became a writer of short stories and novels. His short stories are characterised by their economy of style and the efficient way in which the various threads within them are neatly resolved. ...read more.


It instantly sets the kind of scene with a town with no community where no one cares for one another and is only for him or herself. Through the rest of the story it has little description and focuses on the main story line of the old woman's vendetta for her son. The lack of description may be deliberate on the author's part maybe because he, named Guy de Mauspassant, wanted the image of a dark, dreary fishing town where no one cares to be put across to the reader. Whereas in 'The Schoolteachers Guest', even though it started abruptly the rest of the story is full of description of characters and their backgrounds and you get given the whole picture. The story is focused on the school teacher's revenge but still mentions other characters and sets a scene of community and loyalty "...a secret kept by good neighbours..." These two stories are along a similar theme, which is revenge for a loved one, but they are also different. In 'Vendetta' the old woman carries out a vendetta "...You shall be avenged, my son..." The men of the family usually carry this out but she was alone after her husband died and her son was murdered. The vendetta still had to be carried out because it was part of the culture and traditions of her town, so she ...read more.


Once the old woman's son was killed the story was strongly focused on the old woman's revenge and focused on her training her dog to kill by not feeding it for days then tying meat to the neck of a dummy until it learned to do it by command, this way the dog knew it would be fed for ripping at the neck of anyone the old woman asked it too. 'Vendetta' is very straightforward and went from beginning to end with no complications. On the other hand in 'The Schoolteachers Guest' it starts with a bang by starting in the present but then it flashes back to tell us the story of the schoolteacher's revenge. The story has description throughout and is not just focused on one main theme. It takes the time to explain some background information and involves more than one character. You find out very early on in the first few lines of the story how Ines killed her son's murderer but the rest of the story explains why and how it was fate that the murderer happened to come back to Ines. The two short stories show how culture and traditions affect us and the way we deal with problems and the kind of environments we live in. the old woman was affected by her Italian traditions of a vendetta and having to carry it out herself and the school teacher was affected by her town and her belief in fate. ...read more.

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