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Discuss the Enjoyment and Appeal of a Christmas Carol

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Discuss the Enjoyment and Appeal of a Christmas Carol In a Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens in Victorian times, he depicts two characters with very different economic status. The characters are shown to have different attitudes and manners. For example Scrooge never once says please or thank you. In the Cratchit house it is different, they are poor but they behave as though they are living their lives as fully as they can. Even though they have to send their eldest daughter to work in a workhouse to bring in money for the family. ...read more.


Fezzywig. When he was young, Scrooge was poor and had Belle as a girlfriend. Fred is what Scrooge would have been if he hadn't become rich and ended his relationship with Belle. Also Fred has so much Christmas spirit. "I'll keep my Christmas humour to the last. So A Merry Christmas, uncle!" In the novella there are staves or instalments (staves are verses of songs or carols.) So he sutures his stories by writing in instalments. At the end of each chapter the reader is left wondering what will happen in the next, so has to continue reading. ...read more.


This is not to be greedy, selfish and uncaring. The lesson is to be kind-hearted, thoughtful and charitable. In Victorian times 'a Christmas carol' was produced theatre and only rich people could afford to go and see the play, not unlike today where theatre tickets are very expensive. I think Dickens wrote the novella to convey the message that that life should not be taken for granted. We should appreciate what we have and love our family and our relatives. I think his message is relevant to modern society because people have not changed at all, and people are just as reluctant to give away their money away - just as Scrooge was. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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