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Discuss the importance of Lady Macbeth's influence on her husband

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Discuss the importance of Lady Macbeth's influence on her husband Lady Macbeth possesses the power to influence her husband's decisions in a negative manner. She is stronger, more ruthless and more ambitious than Macbeth. Throughout Shakespeare's tragic play, the theme of ambition is raised constantly, and the character who shows most ambition than any other at the beginning is Lady Macbeth. Macbeth proves to be a man who is greatly influenced by his wife's ideas and ambition at the start of the play. When Lady Macbeth is introduced, she is immediately starts plotting Duncan's murder. She has no misgivings about the Witches' prophecies. As aforesaid, she is a stronger character than Macbeth. She seems to be fully aware of this and knows that Macbeth "art not without ambition, but without the illness should attend it". ...read more.


However, when Lady Macbeth hears this she attacks her husband's weakest spot; his courage. She tells him he will only be a man if he commits the murder. She states that she herself would kill her own baby in order to attain her goals. She manipulates Macbeth overrides all of his objections and repeatedly questions his manhood. Macbeth is driven to a point where he feels he has to prove himself, "I am settled and bend-up". When this happens, Lady Macbeth proves to be an immense source of inspiration on Macbeth; she has managed to completely change his mind. It must be remembered that he does have free will. After the "deed" is carried out Macbeth is full of remorse. ...read more.


In the same way Lady Macbeth questions Macbeth's manhood, he later questions the murderers he hires to kill Banquo and Fleance about their manhood. It can therefore be observed that Lady Macbeth's influence does not end immediately after the first "deed" is brought about. Even though Lady Macbeth can no longer control her husband at this later point in the play, her influence does not end right after. The influence Lady Macbeth has on her husband is unquestionably important. She proves to be a stronger character than Macbeth at the beginning of the play. It can therefore be said that Macbeth's ruin can be traced back to Lady Macbeth's initial ambition and strength of character. The importance her influence has on his actions at the beginning of the play account for everything Macbeth does even after he carries out their initial plan. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rashmi Chugani 3 ...read more.

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