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Discuss the importance of stage directions in Miller's "A View from the Bridge" and what they reveal about the character of Eddie Carbone.

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Title: Discuss the importance of stage directions in Miller's "A View from the Bridge" and what they reveal about the character of Eddie Carbone. The purpose of stage directions in drama is to help the actor to understand their characters, facial expression, movement and even their tone of voice. The stage directions guide a director in putting the play on. Miller uses prescriptive stage directions - making it very clear how he wants his play to be performed, he leaves very little, if any, freedom for the director. Eddie Carbone, like most Italian men, follows the Sicilian Code of Conduct to the word; the unwritten guide to being the perfect Italian has various rules, such as: never betray your "brother" (Italians in general), and never question the "man of the house." Numerous problems arise when the US law and the Code of Conduct collide. Many of the stage directions reveal many aspects of Eddie's personality and inner feelings. Eddie follows many of the rules of the Code at first but inadvertently he is killed by the "Code." The stage direction on page three is very detailed and important. It lays out a scene and sense of character without a single spoken word. ...read more.


Eddie makes no effort to conceal his hatred of Rodolfo. Eddie than confronts Catherine on the reasons of Rodolfo's interest in her. He has forced himself to believe that Rodolfo is homosexual but does not dare to reveal his accusation to Catherine but says Rodolfo is only after a green card. After a series of disputes with the family, Eddie seeks the advice and wisdom of Alfieri. They have a heated discussion when Eddie's anger subsides but suddenly, he "furiously" snaps all because Alfieri said, "She can't marry you, can she?" At that point Alfieri sense Eddie's thoughts towards his niece because Eddie is furious at the idea he won't be with Catherine in the end. That night Eddie's suspicions of Rodolfo's sexuality is strengthened when he learns that he can sew and cook in addition to his high pitched singing voice. The day is going normally until Rodolfo and Catherine start dancing to paper doll. In his mind he is thinking of how much he despises Rodolfo: He has been unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight roll. They are all regarding him now; he sense he is exposing the issue and he driven on. ...read more.


Marco breaks free of the officers and accuses Eddie in front of the community and spits in Eddie's face. Eddie tries to make up to the community and tries to deny his actions but they all ignore him, "LOUIS barely turns, then walks off" even Eddie's best friends ignore him as he betrayed his community and broke the Italians' sacred Code of Conduct. Eddie does not comprehend his feelings until Beatrice clearly articulates his desires in the conclusion of the play, "You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her!" - It doesn't seem like he has known about his secret desires until that moment. He then directs all his anger at Marco and tries to kill him. During the course of the play Eddie changes a lot. He becomes a man who betrays the community from the genuine Italian citizen he began as. Reasons for his downfall are his great Italian pride, his lack of restraint as he always wanted nothing less than everything, such as: Catherine, and Marco to beg in front of the community. But most of all, his loss of directions, he breaks the Code of Conduct so the Code "broke" him. It is ironic because at the beginning Eddie warns his family about the consequences if they snitch on the cousins but he suffered the very same consequences, as Vinny Bolzano did. ...read more.

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