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Discuss the importance of the character Romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet

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Discuss the importance of the character Romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is the famous play written by William Shakespeare in. It has a number of different themes to the play, some of them include: love, tragedy, hate and pride. The story of Romeo and Juliet is of two young lovers whose love is forbidden through a tradition of hatred feuds towards the two families. The lovers kill themselves to be together and teach both families a valuable lesson. The original story was first written in 1476 by an Italian called Masuccio Salernitano. William Shakespeare's main source of the play was based upon the long poem written by the English poem Arthur Brooke called "The tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet". Another source of the play which Shakespeare based the play on was called "The goodly History between the true and constant love between Rhomeo and Julietta," which was written by William Painter. Even though the majority of the play was based on other people's ideas Shakespeare did change a number of things in his version. Firstly, Juliet is made younger. Originally she was 16, but in this version she is not even 14. This increases her vulnerability and we feel more pity for her because she is so young and inexperienced. Shakespeare also changes the length of time of the play; from nine months to a few days. ...read more.


His love for Juliet, even though it is hasty, seems genuine. Soon after the party at the Capulets is over in Act 2 scene 2, Romeo sneaks off to hide from Mercutio and Benvolio. In hiding Romeo is moving away from his friends and the Montague's to have a new life with Juliet. He puts her first in his life which shows he is very devoted. Whilst hiding he stumbles across Juliet. Once the two are together again they cannot be separated. Romeo is that devoted to see or to speak to Juliet he is afraid of the consequences. He is prepared to die for her or to do anything she wants him to. The lovers believe that they are in fact in "true love" and do not mind the fact that they are both from rival families. Because names are not important to them it's the reality underneath that matters. To demonstrate their love the two arrange to marry without their parents consent. This shows both a darker side to Romeo and to Juliet and also convinces us that Romeo is not just sweet talking Juliet. He convinces us by marrying Juliet. "Exchange of thy loves faithful vow of mine," emphasises the fact that Romeo does want to marry Juliet and he wants to exchange vows. To love each other, never to be faithful, til death us do part. ...read more.


Again he didn't want to but is still a murderer. This just makes us pity Romeo because he has done such a bad thing. The last thing that Romeo does to prove he has dramatically changed is buy a small bottle of poison. It is enough to kill 20 men and Romeo is willing to go ahead with the suicide. This is deceiving it is his choice though and if he feels that if the love of his life has died and there's no point in living he should confine this in someone. Not just go for the easiest option and kill himself. Even though Romeo did commit suicide, he was thinking about other people when he did. Unlike Juliet who left no message for her parents, Romeo writes a final letter to his father. This shows that even after all the evil and horrible things he has done he still is a caring person underneath. Romeo's death is no surprise to him as he predicted it early on in the play. The audience also knew that Romeo would die because it said so in the prologue. It was his own choice to end his life the way he did, which shows that Romeo has changed dramatically during the play. He has a split personality. He is a nice, caring and considerate person when things are going his way, but when things don't you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him; as he is capable of anything. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meghann Thorp ...read more.

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