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Discuss the portrayal of metamorphicic in Educating Rita. Which character changes teh most?

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DISCUSS THE PORTRAYAL OF METAMORPHOSIS IN WILLY RUSSELL'S EDUCATING RITA. WHICH CHARACTER CHANGES THE MOST? Educating Rita was a play written by Willy Russell in 1980. Willy Russell was born in Whiston near Liverpool and left school at 15. He then decided to take 'O' and 'A' levels and became a teacher. However, once he saw John McGrath's play 'Unruly Elements' he wanted to become a playwright. He has written plays and musicals like Stags and Hens, Blood Brothers and Educating Rita. Russell's mother then suggested that he should become a ladies hairdresser. This makes him use his experiences of hairdressing and teaching in the play. Educating Rita is a play about a 26 year old working class woman (Rita) wanting to be educated literature as she enjoys reading. Her teacher (Frank) is an alcoholic smoker and has lost the love of teaching until Rita tries to change him. The working class in the 1970's expected people to leave school at fifteen and become a lower class occupation like hairdressing or building. Women were expected to have a baby as soon as possible and were expected to stay at home and look after the family while the man worked. Rita broke away from the restrictions and expectations of her husband by doing the Open University course. Rita also tried to change this by using contraception when she was meant to be having a baby. ...read more.


Frank does not want to teach Rita and he even tells this to Rita, "They expect us to teach when the pubs are open." Frank would rather be at the pub where he can do his hobbies, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco. He wallows in self pity and hides himself in his office and beer. Frank doesn't think that he has anything to offer as a teacher, "I'm actually an appalling teacher, most of the time it doesn't matter - appalling teaching is quite in order for most of my appalling students." Frank has lost the love of teaching as he teaches people who think they know everything about literature. He thinks that some of his students would do a better job of teaching than he does and he is probably right. Frank is a well educated and cultured upper class man. However, the snob is out of touch with anything other than in the literary world. Frank finds Rita quite attractive and different to the people that he normally has relationships with. "Right now there is a thousand things I'd rather do than teach, most of them with you young lady." Whilst he is pursuing Rita he is stupid enough not to know that his partner was having an affair. Rita reads Frank's poetry and finds it very interesting and tells him that it is very good. ...read more.


She is angry that she has changed and that Frank has not bothered to try himself. "It's little to you who squanders every opportunity and mocks and takes it for granted." Frank has also changed his life. Like Rita, he has ended his relationship and is now single. The university is sending him to Australia for a fresh start. He is now writing poetry again and has a new enthusiasm for life. I think this is because he is going to Australia where he won't teach students who think they are better than him. Frank asks Rita to go with him to Australia, even though he knows there is no hope of romance. "It'd be good for us to leave a place that's just finishing for one that's just beginning." He has seen Rita change her life and wants to see what happens in the next chapter of their lives. I think Rita has changed the most. She has put the most effort in. She has risked her marriage by doing the course that none of her family agreed with. She has changed her job, her lifestyle and her name back to Susan. However, I think Rita had the most impact on Frank. If someone else had walked in to do the Open University course, Frank would probably be lying in a ditch, unemployed and drinking his life away. However, Rita was someone different. Rita gave Frank the will to change. ?? ?? ?? ?? CARL CHARLTON ...read more.

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