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Discuss the relationship between parents and their children in Romeo and Juliet

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Simran Lotay Discuss the relationship between parents and their children in Romeo and Juliet Within the play Romeo and Juliet, there many examples of conflicts between the Parental figures and their offspring. It is a repeating and important theme throughout the play and helps to explain some of the characters actions. At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is seen walking through 'the grove of sycamore' looking troubled. Even when his 'kinsman', Benvolio approached him he was 'ware'. Romeo's mother, Montague, is worried about him, as 'many a morning hath he there been seen'. Recently Romeo has been depressed, he has made himself an 'artificial night' and neither of his parents have found the cause. Montague says 'I neither know it, nor can i learn it'. This implies that he doesn't have a good relationship with his son and Romeo doesn't feel as if he can tell his parents such important things that make him 'lock fair daylight out'. However, this is a somewhat typical relationship between teenage boys and their parents. The Montague's are concerned about their sons well being, Lady Montague enquires 'O where is Romeo?' and she is pleased to hear he was not involved in the recent 'fray' between the Montague's and Capulets, and Montague has noticed and observed Romeo's 'Black and portentous humour'. ...read more.


Both Romeo and Juliet choose to turn to an alternative source of council. For Romeo it is the Friar, and Juliet's prevailing mothering figure is her nurse, rather that her biological mother. This could be a comment on the way Parents behaved in those days; however it could also be a description of the tendencies of teenagers to turn to others instead of their parents. The nurse seems to be much more of a maternal figure to Juliet than her own mother. The nurse refers to Juliet as 'lamb' and 'ladybird' which are obviously terms of endearment, and she goes as far as saying Juliet was 'prettiest babe I ever nursed'. In contrast with this, Juliet refers to her mother in a very formal way, calling her 'madam'. This tells the reader that Juliet's relationship with her mother is distant as they have not yet passed the boundaries of formalities, though Juliet seems willing to listen to her; 'I am here, what is your will?'. The conversations between the nurse and Juliet are very open. The nurse always feels open to give advice and show her feelings to Juliet, for example, the nurse talks of Paris' looks with Juliet; 'A man, young lady! ...read more.


He continues to throw abuse at her, calling her a 'green-sickness carrion' and tells her 'out you baggage! You tallow face!'. In his rage, Capulets 'fingers itch', and he comes close to striking at his only daughter. One rebellion from Juliet, who is usually an obeying daughter, against her parents caused her farther to curse at her and deny her 'what is mine'. This shows how little Capulet values his daughters opinion, even when it only concerns matters of her own. Capulets out burst shows him to be unreasonable and short tempered. It also shows that Juliet and her fathers relationship could not have been very strong in the first place, for it to be broken over a single argument. It could be suggested that Old Capulet contributed to the death of his daughter, because of his poor relationship with her, and inability to compromise. Throughout Romeo and Juliet, I believe Shakespeare is trying to comment, through the actions and relationships portrayed in the play, on how very often the younger generation does not see eye to eye with the old. The ancient family feud does not mean anything to neither Romeo nor Juliet, as their love has surpassed it. The play also highlights the behavior of teenagers and makes it possible to see how similar the behavior of teenagers today is with how teenagers acted in the time of Shakespeare. ...read more.

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