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Discuss the role of Renfield in Dracula

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Discuss the role of Renfield in Dracula? In this essay I am going to discuss how the role of Renfield has an affect on the rest of the play. Renfield used to work for the firm that Jonathan Harker works for. Renfield is now a patient at Seward's asylum. He has a habit of eating living creatures. This shows us the similarity between Renfield and Dracula. Dracula eats living humans, and Renfield eats living insects and birds. Renfield provides the link between the natural and super natural world by being one of Dracula's disciples. ...read more.


When Dracula leaves the asylum he breaks Renfield's neck. Seward asked Lucy Westenra to marry him but she chose Arthur Holmwood. This makes Seward determined to understand Renfield as Seward needs something to take his mind off Lucy. Seward shows us the very Victorian way of thinking he notes the way that Renfield starts to collect flies then spiders then birds. Seward tells Renfield that he has to stop the birds so Renfield eats them. Seward makes up a name for Renfield's condition. Seward calls Renfield's condition Zoophagus. People don't listen to Renfield because mad people in those days were just unnatural and they were just ignored. ...read more.


In chapter 15 Van Helsing gets enough evidence that something unnatural is happening and he persuades the men to go and hunt down Dracula. Renfield and Dracula are both assaults on Victorian morality. Dracula and Jonathan are contrasts of the different types of gentlemen. Jonathan is a gentle noble man and Dracula is a scheming gentleman but he acts with dignity around women. Seward is the only one who rights about Renfield so we only know what Renfield does by what Seward says in his notebook. I think that the role of Renfield is to link all the characters together to make a larger picture. He puts all the characters into prospect and makes them all that more plausible. ...read more.

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