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Discuss the role of Simon in Lord of the Flies

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Discuss the role of Simon in 'Lord of the Flies' The basic principle of Lord of the Flies is that humans naturally live in savagery and ignorance, without any idea of how to live together. It is the story of boys stranded on an island who must develop a government to survive. Throughout Lord of the Flies, Simon has the control of many roles. All of these roles act as mediations between nature, characters and logical thinking. At the beginning of the novel Simon is described as a "skinny, vivid little boy" with "black, coarse hair" and as a member of the choir. The first time the boys are all together, Simon faints. These factors give us the impression that he is physically weak and won't play a powerful role in the novel. He is later chosen by Ralph to go with him on an expedition of the island. ...read more.


What I mean is... maybe it's only us". Simon lived in knowledge and fear because his society denied the role of the prophet, and he did not fight it because he wanted so much to be part of that society. Simon is the one character who is intact with the whole island as if the island were an inhabitant itself. Simon converses with nature, calming natural disasters as such. We see on the night of his death that a storm hits the island and after nature starts to obscure and colour loosens from objects. Simon, as he finds nature doesn't see it just for what it is, he relates it to his life back in civilization. He protects the Candle buds from the savages destruction and sees the buds on the bushes as "Like candles. Candle bushes. Candle buds". Nature shows to be Simon's haven, his home away from home. ...read more.


Simon is obviously thinking of the others best interest even at his death warning them that the true identity of the beast isn't what the savage monster they think it is. Simon being the mediator (mainly for Piggy and Ralph) between evil temptations and good actions, shows an ironic death as he is killed by those that he was trying to save. His conversation with the Lord of the Flies plays on this irony "Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill!... You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you?" . The Lord of the Flies foretells Simons own death, playing on Simons fears and playing on the last hope of the saviour of the savages. We can say that Simon had many roles, but his utter most important role was to be the mediator, and foreseer of events. He was respected due to his kind nature, which shows at the (his death) and through these attributes Simon was the only one who could have saved the savages. ...read more.

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