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Discuss the role of the Inspector in the play ‘An Inspector Calls’.

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Discuss the role of the Inspector in the play 'An Inspector Calls'. In this essay I am going to discuss the role played by Inspector Goole in the play 'An Inspector calls'. In the play the inspectors takes many roles these include the catalyst, the social conscience of the other characters featured in the play, and the ghost which only comes into the play at the end of the play. The Inspector plays a crucial part in the play; he brings out the characters secrets and shows them for whom they really are. The Inspector plays the main role in the play, as without him the revelations of all characters would not come out. Before the inspector arrives the Birling family are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft over dinner. Mr Birling, and Gerald are having a conversation about politics during. This being 1912 the women leave the table (Mrs Birling and Sheila), as it is 'not there place to talk about politics'. ...read more.


After the 'catalyst' inspector comes the spirit inspector. In this character the inspector gives the impression he is not human, you can see this through parts of his speech and his style of questioning, another why of viewing him as a spirit is the how his entrance has a massive impact on the atmosphere in the room and the effect it has on the other characters. The fact that the Inspector knows so much about the relationships between the family and Eva Smith gives out a sign of him being a spirit. The Inspector also knows a lot about how Eva Smith feels even though he apparently didn't know her, in parts of his speech he talks as if he knows her e.g. "No. She wanted to end her life. She felt she couldn't go on any longer". The inspector could also be an impostor that is trying to set up the Birlings and Gerald The play gives an idea that the Inspector is a fraud by the way he questions them. ...read more.


and makes them regret how they acted he uses this on Sheila especially he quotes, "think about the consequences of your actions" he does this with most of the family and acts as a conscience for them. This gives more of an impression of him being a ghost, because he knows how to make the family regret what they did. The Inspector manages to break up the Birlings and Gerald altogether. He leaves the play with the family almost hating one another and arguing. It is as if he went there on behalf of Eva Smith to get payback for the way they treated her. The family look to be destroyed by the end of the play. Priestly has put a message across through the play that is to be responsible for your actions, as you will have to face the consequences. I personally believe the inspector is a spirit that has come to destroy the Birlings life and family on behalf of Eva Smith, and he does so successfully. Ben Woodward 10RH ...read more.

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