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Discuss the role of women as it is presented in the two Thomas Hardy short stories 'Tony Kytes the arch deceiver and the Withered arm'.

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Andrew Mckean 27th November 2002 Discuss the role of women as it is presented in the two Thomas Hardy short stories 'Tony Kytes the arch deceiver and the Withered arm' In the 2 short stories written by Thomas Hardy 'Tony Kytes the arch deceiver' and 'The Withered arm' were set in the late 18th century this was the same time that Charles Dickens was writing. Thomas's stories were set in the countryside Devon and called the place Wessex. Where as Charles Dickens wrote about the town in the capital of London. In the first story we read by Thomas Hardy 'the arch deceiver' the women are completely different to the women in the second story. ...read more.


Also she is a very thoughtful woman because she gave Rhoda Brooks's son a new pair of shoes. She was also a women who liked to save her marriage because instead of telling her husband she is going to jail she lied so that her husband wont get angry and divorce her. Rhoda Brook, who is also in the Withered Arm, she is about 30 years old but she looks older than she actually is. She looks older because she is very pale and very thin. She is a curious woman because she wanted to know all about Gertrude Lodge off her son. Also she is a poor woman and she lives in an old mud hut. ...read more.


Instead she had to use a horse and cart and she lied so that she could go to the prison. Rhoda brook had lots of freedom because she was not married also she is not living with her parents, but she has a son so that she looks after him. The next person is Milly Richards. She had to ask Tony because she is too shy to just go. Also she lives with her parents she has to ask if she can go out or not. Unity Sallet has hardly any freedom aswell because because she also lives with he parents. Hannah Jolliver is also living with her parents. Her freedom was probably restricted the most because she wanted to say yes to Tony but her dad was there so she said no because she was to shy. By Andy Mckean ...read more.

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