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Discuss the significance of the cricketmatch and the concert in the Go-Between.

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Discuss the significance of the cricket match and the concert in the Go-Between The episode of the cricket match and the concert pinpoints and confirms what is happening in the novel. It is the first time the reader sees the main characters together, and hence recognise more fully the rivalry between Ted Burgess and Lord Trimingham over Marian. The story is told through Leo Colston who is aware of this conflict and is torn between the men as he admires and respects both of them and he loves Marian. This episode gives an impression of the final climax and its effect on Leo and illustrates one of the main problems in the story, which is that of the importance of social standing in love. Throughout the novel the weather indicates what is happening. At the beginning it is hot and the temperature is rising. This is the lead up to the event that causes Leo to have a mental breakdown at the end of his story. At the beginning of the match "An enormous cloud hung there". The cloud hangs like a bad premonition, which gives the impression of how terrible the event will be. Leo says, "Was there a menace in this purple tract, a hint of thunder?" ...read more.


The cricket match is the first time we see Ted and Trimingham together. There is obviously a scope for comparisons between the two rivals for Marian's attention. The differences between Ted and Trimingham are described as "the struggle between order and lawlessness, obedience to tradition, on attitude to life and another." The ways in which the two men play cricket demonstrate their personality and characters. Ted had a light-hearted attitude and made over 50 runs "I just hit out at them". Lord Trimingham on the other hand had an elegant way of batting and hitting. This again shows the class difference between the two men and the way they act in the rest of the novel. Lord Trimingham is good at taking charge and doing things properly in a professional way, where as Ted is more impulsive. This reference to their characters is important because it is Ted who Marian is attracted to, triggering all the events of the novel. This also links to the prologue when Leo is comparing the main characters of the novel to those of the Zodiac. Trimingham is the archer, showing his power and Ted is the water carrier, showing his physicality. Marian is involved in watching Ted play and when Leo turns to her and says 'isn't it exciting' she is not able to answer as 'her eyes were bright, her cheeks were flushed and her lips trembled'. ...read more.


Marian gives "a starry smile" when Leo is called upon to sing. The smile meant a great deal to Leo, as he loves Marian. To Leo "She was my Land of song. Never did a soldier devote himself to death more whole-heartedly than I did" This is significant as again there is a mention of death, which may be related to Ted's suicide. Leo is devoted to Marian and everything she does. Marian occasionally seems aware of this and takes advantage of it by making Leo take letters to Ted. Leo, however, is too na�ve to realize this as he is too much in love with Marian. At the end of the concert Marcus, tells Leo how Lord Trimingham is engaged to Marian and then asks Leo if he is glad and Leo's response is "Yes I said I am, I'm sure I am." This tells us that Leo is trying to convince himself to be happy when really we are not aware of his true feelings. This episode as a whole brings the book together. The tensions and conflicts are shown in comparisons of cricket teams, characters and socially affinity. Every part of this episode links the book together, backwards with the prologue, and forwards towards the climax. It is these links that make it such a significant and crucial part to The Go Between. "Discuss the significance of the cricket match and the concert in the Go-Between" Paula Strauss PAGE 1 ...read more.

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