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Discuss the significance of the title "I'm The King Of The Castle".

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Discuss the significance of the title "I'm The King Of The Castle" The novel "I'm The King Of The Castle" is all about growing up as a child and having to deal with the problems in life in a middle class family, things such as stepparents, divorce, peer pressure, and the whole idea of gaining power over someone else, when you are a child, such as the way Hooper tries to gain some sort of power over Kingshaw, but its not so much a physical power, but more psychological, in the way that he is always threatening and destroying Kingshaw's life. The novel was written in the 1960's, and represents a middle class family dealing with life. Although it is written in the 1960's it is a modern gothic horror story, with evil that is an aspect of all people, including children, will erupt and cause a lot of harm to every one who is involved. "I'm the king of the castle" at the beginning of the story is referred to Hooper, who does not want to share his house with anyone, and is determined to get rid of anyone who he feels might take it away from him, this represents Charles Kingshaw, when he ...read more.


The crow in the story signifies fear and death with its black colour, and so Hooper had killed one and as Kingshaw was asleep he quietly placed it on his bed waiting for a scream. In the story there are many references to children's nursery rhymes, childhood and childrens games, such as the game of snakes and ladders. Also the punch and Judy show, you would think that for children things like fairy tales and shows should be really nice and involve absolutely no violence in them. But the truth is, that there is a lot of violence, this is to teach children from an early age that life is not easy, and rules of punishment such as the pecking order and how many people can be very cruel to others, it also helps the child learn how to deal with problems in life, when it occurs, and unfortunately in this story it happens quite a lot. But this story is not intended for children, as it is a book for adults. When Hooper plays with his models and makes war plans, he sublimates the childish games into horrific psychological reality. ...read more.


But what I don't understand is why he went into the water and killed himself, maybe it was because it was the most natural thing for him, as when you are in your mothers tummy, it is the same feeling as if you were floating in water. The idea of "king" is also attached to Joseph Hooper, as his ancestor built Warings, in a mock medieval style, using polished oak, for stair banisters etc. this is a false house but it reflects imagined historic period that becomes gothic parody. Mr Hooper also thinks that he has gained power and authority in being "King" of Warings "My place in the country" Dynastic is also a word that associates royal kings, and he is not of royalty as his ancestors would have made the hoops for wagon wheels. I think that all the problems in the story could have been avoided if the parents were in contact with the children, but this novel I think goes to show how people would react if they were trying to gain power over something. But this must be all part of growing up, and I think the only reason why Hooper was doing all these things is because he likes to be alone, and he is afraid of someone else taking over in his place of power! ...read more.

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