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Discuss The Stage Techniques Used By Willy Russell To Keep The Audiences Attention In His Play

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Discuss The Stage Techniques Used By Willy Russell To Keep The Audiences Attention In His Play "Blood Brothers" There are many ways in which Willy Russell keeps the attention of the audience in "Blood Brothers". Willy Russell wrote "Blood Brothers" shortly before its first performance in 1981. The first way in which he does this is when the narrator speaks in a normal local accent rather than a posh accent. The narrator also outlines a little bit of what will happen in the next act in his opening speech. This play has no set, just props. This will keep the attention of the audience, as they won't have to wait between set changes. ...read more.


Linda and Mrs. Johnston act as if they are talking to the housing officer and then pause and answer afterwards. After the pause they answer the housing officers questions by kind of repeating what the officer says, Willy Russell has strong views on the classes in society. His view is that the working class is treated differently to the middle class. He shows this through having two children put into different families so they have different chances in life. He also believes people view the boys differently if they live at certain areas or go to different schools. The language used by Willy Russell in "Blood Brothers" is mainly working class. The characters will talk in a Liverpudlian accent except for Eddie and Mrs. ...read more.


Also the police treat her differently. The audience will start to dislike Mrs. Lyons because of the way she treats Mrs. Johnston and Eddie. However later on the audience will feel slightly sorry for Mrs. Lyons as she becomes very paranoid and thinks everyone is following her. This sympathetic attitude is short lived because she shoots Eddie and Mickey. Overall I enjoyed the play because even though there weren't many characters the few there were, were good. The plot was probably the main means in which my attention was held. This is because you wanted to know whether Mickey and Eddie ever found out that they were brothers or not, This is a simple but very effective play as it makes you think about different classes are treated. Corey Glendinning 10� ...read more.

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