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Discuss the techniques Mary Shelley uses to create tension in chapter five of Frankenstein and evaluate their effect upon the reader.

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Frankenstein Essay Discuss the techniques Mary Shelley uses to create tension in chapter five of Frankenstein and evaluate their effect upon the reader Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus was written and published by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in 1819. It portrays the story of Victor Frankenstein, a passionate young scientist who is fascinated by the human anatomy and obsessed with ambition. He realizes during his studies at Ingolstadt University that it is possible to infuse life into an inanimate object and begins work on what he hopes to be the ultimate being: a creature materialized from various body parts stolen from surrounding cemeteries. Chapter Five is crucial and a pivotal point in the book because we finally discover whether Victor's two years work have been successful. In this chapter, Shelley uses various techniques to create tension and excitement and in my essay, I will explore chapter five, discuss these techniques and evaluate their effects on the reader. According to the Greeks, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and as punishment he was chained to a rock where an eagle plucked from his liver each day as continuous torture. ...read more.


In this scene, the reader feels pity for the being because he has been persecuted for the way that he is formed. Another important incident is when Victor passes away in the Arctic, and after the creature has paid his final respects to his creator, he tells the Captain of the ship that he is going to destroy himself. He says "Soon, I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon, these burning miseries will be extinct." In saying this, he informs the reader that his wretchedness and forlorn will soon be over. An essential technique that Shelley uses in chapter five is how she describes the setting and atmosphere. The chapter begins with "It was a dreary night of November" which immediately establishes a dim and gloomy setting and acquires a comfortless, depressing and melancholy atmosphere, which is perfectly fitting with the Gothic status of the novel. This dismal setting magnifies Victor's loneliness and reflects all his emotions after being subdued for so long. ...read more.


During this whole chapter, right through to the end, the level of tension rises and falls, making this a powerful chapter. When the creation is finally woken up, the tension is incredibly high, and suddenly Victor is in his room and presumed safe, bringing the level of tension down extraordinarily quickly. In her novel, Mary Shelley is silent of just how Frankenstein gives life to his creation. Victor only says that success crowned "days and nights of incredible labour and fatigue". Frankenstein gives no monster-making recipes however this is a brilliant way of increasing the novel's tension. The reader will be curious to know how the creation was brought to life, inspiring them to read on, hoping they will eventually find the secret to the gift of life. But Shelley's story did not arise from the void. Scientists and physicians of her time tantalized by the elusive boundary between life and death. They investigated it through experiments with lower organisms, human anatomical studies, attempts to resuscitate drowning victims and experiments using electricity to restore life into the recently dead. In conclusion, Chapter five of Frankenstein is a fantastically powerful and incredibly moving chapter, because of its varied tension throughout the chapter and superbly described settings. ...read more.

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