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Discuss the Techniques Used by the Authors to Reveal Attitudes to Women in the three Stories.

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Discuss the Techniques Used by the Authors to Reveal Attitudes to Women in the three Stories The three stories 'Tony Kytes: The Arch Deceiver', 'Tickets Please' and 'Seeing A Beauty Queen Home' are each set where the author had lived for a period of time, but contrast greatly, for instance, 'Tony Kytes: The Arch Deceiver' is set in rural Wessex (Dorset), in the late 19th century. It displays attitudes to women in a very traditional way, whereas in 'Tickets Please', the women have a less traditional role. This due to the fact it is set in World War I. The women have jobs, and it is set in the towns around Nottingham, this creates a different atmosphere to traditional country lifestyle and attitudes. The women in 'Tickets Please' are considered more 'tough' and less 'ladylike' than in 'Tony Kytes: The Arch Deceiver'. In contrast 'Seeing A Beauty Queen Home' is set in Bolton, where there are cotton mills which offer employment to women, giving them power. In addition, in the 1920's when this story was set, women had the vote (women over thirty). ...read more.


This suggests that the men expected the women to come flocking around them. 'Tickets Please' is from the third person, and follows Annie, and so has a slight angle in the way it is told. A place in the story where this is displayed is at the fair. The author makes excuses for Annie's behaviour, for example when he states 'She could hardly for shame repulse him' In all three stories the men choose which women they want, but they do not get the woman that they choose in any of the stories. The way the men think that they can have whoever they wish shows they have little respect for the women, and treat them as inferior, as if they are unable to chose for themselves. In 'Tony Kytes: The Arch Deceiver' the man thinks he is in love with Millie, when the other girls offer themselves to him he is persuaded easily, as if the women really were the ones in control. However, in 'Tickets Please' John Thomas is depicted choosing the woman he wants 'He flirts with the girl conductors...and walks out with them...at night' This shows how he had the pick of the women. ...read more.


This is an extremely stereotypical view of a woman of herself by today's standards. In contrast, in 'Tickets Please' the women view themselves differently, as they have men's jobs, and more power. They take matters into their own hands, and punish a man for trying to do what Tony Kytes would have liked to have been able to. In conclusion, I think that as the authors are all male a biased is placed on the stories and the attitudes to women that are displayed. The authors also seem to be on one of the characters 'sides'. An example is when in 'Tickets Please' the author attempts to qualify Annie's actions with John Thomas by writing things such as 'She could hardly for shame repulse him'. The other authors are less clear in their bias, for instance in 'Tony Kytes: The Arch Deceiver' near the end the author tries to inspire pity for Tony Kytes but is subtle in the way he does it. In 'Seeing A Beauty Queen Home' there is no clear bias but the author may have intended to show the woman as having more power than the man by throwing him out of her home. Lee Cubeddu 10JHL ...read more.

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