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Discuss the theme of isolation and loneliness with reference to the characters in “Of mice and men” by John Steinbeck.

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Discuss the theme of isolation and loneliness with reference to the characters in "Of mice and men" by John Steinbeck. This essay is on a book called "Of mice and men" and the author is John Steinbeck, who has no great story lines but concentrates on characters. In this book the main theme is solitude as nearly everyone is lonely. He concentrates on George and Lennie who travel around together going from ranch to ranch until Lennie gets into trouble. The main theme is isolation as all but one of the characters are isolated in many different ways. Some are isolated by others, some by themselves and some by their disabilities. The author, John Steinbeck, tries to make the point that not everyone has a family or a place to call home, and tries to make the reader feel sorry for the characters by putting them in unhappy situations, it almost makes you hate certain people in this novel for the things they do or say. Steinbeck is always putting references into the book of isolation and loneliness. For example, when they play a card game called Solitaire, it's a game that you play on your own. ...read more.


This is due to the fact that his companion is a big, strong man called Lennie. Sometimes George wants to get rid of Lennie and he keeps saying to Lennie that it would be so easy without him. This way George could have a normal ranch life but Lennie fuels his dream as he is different and "He has a future." That's why George keeps Lennie around. Lennie Small is a big, strong man who is not very clever. He relies on his best friend George to do all the thinking, and to constantly "Tell 'bout the rabbits." And "How it's gonna be." Otherwise Lennie would be alone and in serious trouble, he really needs George. Lennie is very simple and he likes to "Touch nice things." And he does so with drastic effects as he doesn't know his own strength. When they were working in Weed, Lennie grabbed a girls red dress and she screamed, all Lennie could think about was to hold tighter. The woman told the townspeople and they chased Lennie and George out of town. Candy is an older member of the ranch, he got his hand cut off and that meant he could not work in the fields with the other men. ...read more.


This shows us that she has little importance to them. This is probably because she's a woman and men thought of women differently in those days. Her isolation and loneliness leads to her tragic death. She finds a friend in Lennie as she talks to him about "I coulda been in the movies." She tells her story/fantasy then she tells Lennie to feel her hair and he loves to touch nice things. She said "Look out now, you'll mess it." Then she tried to pull away and she started to shout. Lennie jerked her head, his strength just snapped her neck. In her death she seemed to go back to her "Young innocence." As she lay in the barn. Slim is the only one who has no real isolation as he enjoys his own company but he is admired and respected by all the other men, even Curley. Slim was said to be able to "Whip a fly off a mules rear without touching the mule." Slim is slightly isolated due to everyone looking up to him but it does not seem to bother him. He is a pleasant man as he comes into the bunkhouse and straight away, he makes friends with George and Lennie. The theme of loneliness keeps popping up in this novel and the references are very obvious. ...read more.

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