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Discuss the theme of justice in A view from the bridge, by Arthur Miller

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English Essay - Discuss the theme of justice in 'A view from the bridge', by Arthur Miller In a view from the bridge, the theme of justice is consistent throughout, particularly at the end. The five main points I am going to talk about in this essay are Alfieri and his monologues, Eddie phoning immigration on the cousins, Marco's hatred towards Eddie at the end of the play, leading swiftly on to Eddie's death. Other words associated with justice are vengeance, betrayal and revenge. Starting with Alfieri and his monologues, we can see that, being a lawyer, Alfieri values the law, more than justice. We can see this when he says 'most of the time we settle for half and I like it better', by this, we can see that when he says 'settle for half' he means that the written law may not always act in favor of justice, yet it is better to follow the law than to take it into your own hands. He says that he likes it 'better' like this, which also supports this, he sees that when people go against the law to assert justice, it can lead to conflict and death, which he does not support. ...read more.


Furthermore, Eddie later says, after having had Marco spit in his face, 'I'll kill you for that you son of a bitch'. By using the threat, 'I'll kill you' suggests that Eddie wants to get revenge on Marco for embarrassing him in public, and deliberately lowering his status. The language and tone that Eddie uses is both violent and aggressive, which are also key traits and features of someone seeking justice. An example of this in everyday life are stories like 9/11, where a group of terrorists believed that had been wronged, they therefore committed an illegal act, driving two planes into the twin towers and consequently claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent people in a violent and aggressive manner. In their minds, however, the terrorists thought they were claiming their justice on the world who they believed had been unfair to them. Eddie's story is like this in the way that he felt his status fading, he felt betrayed by Beatrice and Catherine for not backing him up, so, by phoning immigration on the cousins, he felt he was serving his justice, they would be deported back to Italy, and he would reclaim his status in the house he shares with Beatrice and Catherine. ...read more.


Marco feels that this would be the rightful punishment for Eddie's actions. Consequently, later in the play, Marco gets his wishes. When him and Eddie confront, a fight is initiated and Eddie pulls a knife. Eddie yells 'You lied about me, Marco. Now say it. Come on now, say it!', this behavior by Eddie is completely out of spite and is irrational anger, he is so obsessed with his opinions about Rodolpho, and further angered by the previous events when the immigration officers showed that he is using provoking language and tone which leads Marco to lunge, screaming 'Anima-a-a-a-l!' and resultedly leads to Eddie's death. The word 'animal' is lengthened and is shouted in action. Marco is so angered by Eddie and is so taken over by emotion that he lunges towards Eddie and kills him, therefore avenging him for what he has done to his family. These points effectively highlight some of the main events in the play that are related to the theme of justice. They show that justice was a theme not only brought up once, but consistently throughout the play. Justice is evidently a main theme in the play, and, without it, would result in a boring play with no proper story. This shows that justice is an effective theme and keeps the audience's attention because it creates tension and therefore, interest. Word count: 1,126 ...read more.

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