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Discuss the theme of the Dream in the book "Of Mice and Men."

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Discuss the theme of the Dream in the book "Of Mice and Men." None of the people on the ranch have freedom, and freedom was what George and Lennie wanted. Crooks, Candy and Lennie are victims, Crooks because of his back, where a horse had kicked him, Candy because of his hand, which he lost on the ranch, although he got two hundred and fifty bucks in compensation and Lennie is a victim because of his lack of knowledge. The main dream in the book "Of Mice and Men" is George and Lennie's dream. Their dream is to have their own land where they will grow whatever they like, and to have a variety of animals, and Lennie will get to look after the rabbits, if he behaves well. The rabbits are all he talks and thinks about - the perfect land and the rabbits that he will look after if he behaves himself. "Don't you think of nothing but rabbits?" The land will be ten acres, have a windmill, a little shack and chicken run. It will have a kitchen and plenty of food and water. They will build a smoke house where they will smoke the bacon, the ham, and the sausages. They'll kill a pig or rabbit each Sunday. They'll can fruits. They'll also sell eggs and milk. They want to be answerable to nobody, to have freedom and be independent. ...read more.


Also, when Candy's dog was shot, Candy covered his eyes with his arm. "Old Candy lay down in the hay and covered his eyes with his arm." And this was what he did when his dream was shattered. We do not know what happened to Candy or George after Lennie was killed, as the story ended there, so the death of Curley's wife ended two dreams, but the death of Lennie made George's second dream come true. Even though he didn't like killing Lennie, he didn't want to let someone else kill him. I suppose George thought it was the last straw - if he is killing unknowingly, he could kill again. They could not keep running from everything he did wrong. He would get caught one day, and be killed. Curley's dream was to be big like Lennie and this is why Curley picked a fight with Lennie and he lost. He didn't give Lennie a chance to show him that he was not against him, but straight away headed for Lennie and started asking him questions. George had told him not to speak, so he didn't answer. Curley really got angry. George answered for him and he answered, 'An' you won't let the big guy talk, is that it?' He wants to be big and tall. He picks fights with anybody that is larger, in a way superior to him. ...read more.


His dream is to be back with his family. "I remember when I was a little kid on my old man's chicken ranch." He became negatively cynical. He doesn't believe life will get any better and he thinks that people always behave selfishly or dishonestly. Crooks is lonely and the only one who has respect for him is Slim. When he was small he used to play with people that weren't black and this would upset his father. He didn't understand why until he was older. People called him a nigger and he is the only black person on the ranch. When he was a child, his family was the only black family for miles. Crooks had no other dreams; he just wanted friends that won't criticize him, because of his colour. None of the dreams came true, and are all crushed and shattered, because George's dream didn't mean that he didn't want Lennie at all, he wanted him, but not all the time. Lennie had to be killed and that ends another two dreams. Candy's dream was to be a part of George and Lennie's dream, but as Lennie was killed, his dream also vanished. Curley's dream was to be big and as he's a grown man he won't grow any more. Crook's dream is to be back with his family, but it is impossible to go back in time. Curley's wife is dead which ends another dream. We see that John Steinbeck didn't make anybody's dream come true. Anjana Patel English coursework 2nd January 2001 1 ...read more.

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