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Discuss the various ways which Robert Swindells presents life in 'The streets of London'

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Discuss the various ways which Robert Swindells presents life on 'The streets of London' "I'm invisible see? One of the invisible people." Link, a young 16 year old boy from Bradford who is homeless, desperate to escape his Brutish stepfather feels that he has become an invisible outcast. Another quotation to support this is when Link says, "They don't like reminding I exist." Link says this to show the reader that he is worthless uses this type of language to make the reader more aware of how difficult it is to live on the streets of London. Link's character in the book also emphasises a feeling of coldness. An example of this is shown when link says, "Also I kept seeing people I knew Neighbours. Guys I'd even been at school with. I even saw one of my teachers once. And if you have ever been caught begging by someone who you knew before, you can't possibly know how low it makes you feel" This also makes the reader think that Link has a very lo self esteem and is very depressed. ...read more.


to Mr & Mrs X". Link says this to show the reader that he has forgotten the past and wants to get on with life. The main quotation to support and emphasise this is, "Mr & Mrs X". Another statement to support this is when Link says, "I strode out of the station with my backpack and bedroll, and it felt like a new beginning". This also shows the reader that link was positive life would improve from what it was with Vince. Another quotation to support this is "Nobody knows you. Where you're from and what's gone before. That's you're business". One other quotation to support this is when Link chooses the name to give to Ginger he says, "'Link' I said. I'd seen it on this signpost earlier. Thames - Link. It's a railway." Robert Swindells also uses various techniques to make living on the streets look very hard and scary. The reader is informed of this when Link says, "Sad is what it is, Sad and scary. ...read more.


This shows the reader that homeless people are desperate for somewhere comfortable to sleep at. An example of this is when Shelter gets his first client, "That got him 'hostel'...he fell for it hook line and sinker". On page twenty-one Shelter also says, "I am not a murderer at all - I'm a Soldier out of uniform, killing for his country." After killing a homeless person shelter mentions to the reader that he is not a murderer but a soldier killing for his country. This statement is not true as Shelter has murdered people who have done nothing to him and his country. Shelter thinks he is doing a good thing and is particularly careful about every step he takes. The author, Robert Swindells uses this to create an irony. As the reader gets deeper and deeper into the book, they start to grasp knowledge of Shelters storyline and start to know the feeling of how it is to be homeless and the different setbacks and failures it may have. The reader also learns not to stereotype homeless people. ...read more.

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