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Discuss the way in which the authors present women in the four short stories.

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Discuss the way in which the authors present women in the four short stories. The sex of an author can play a huge part of their opinion towards members of the opposite and same sex. In this essay, I will be analysing the way in which women are portrayed in four different stories. I will also be commenting on why the authors may have chosen to portray the females in this way. In the early 19th Century, women were supposed to play their role in society as being inferior to men. Hardy - author of 'Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver' - portrays this well in his story. All three of the women's characters' are fighting to win one man's heart resulting in them not getting along. "What has he been promising you? A pretty load of nonsense, I expect!" In this story, as it is the women who are inferior, it is them doing the chasing, whereas this is a complete contrast to 'The Woman's Rose'. In Schreiner's short story, the men not the other way around are chasing the women. "All the men worshipped her." Hardy's story is more historically accurate than Schreiner's due to the fact that in Schreiner's story the woman appear to be superior to the men, whereas this would not be the case in real 19th Century. ...read more.


In this short story Schreiner has portrayed the two women to have a special bond, therefore the readers can perceive them both to be truly not superficial. The portrayal of characters here may have been influenced by the fact that Schreiner is a female - she may have been sending a message saying how woman are more sensitive and unlike men they are not as shallow. Women may be portrayed as shallow but can they labelled as being weak as well? The narrator of 'The Yellow Wallpaper' was physically weak however Dorethea from 'The Unexpected' is weak mentally in my opinion. I believe this to be true because she cannot handle the fact that her husband no longer has picture perfect looks. "she realized that there would soon be people appearing to whom she would be forced to face and speak to." This quote shows how Dorethea is not mentally able to handle the stress and strain of people's gruelling questions. In the end she decides to take the easy way out and do the most selfish thing possible - she runs away. In my opinion this makes her a mentally weak individual. ...read more.


This story can be compared to Schreiner's 'The Woman's Rose'. The women in this story do actually get along even though they are expected to be rivals. "I could not bear that they had deserted her for me." The fact that the women tolerate each other and wish to be friends can be perceived as controversial; the women are both fighting for the men's attention yet they still do not desire to be enemies. This story shows how women in general should bond and stick together, helped by the fact that a woman wrote this story, other female's should catch the message and hopefully start to appreciate her female friends. In conclusion to this essay, I believe that the sex of an author can play a vital part on the content of stories, for example, a woman wrote 'The Yellow Wallpaper' and in this story it is the female who is being victimised by her husband and in-laws. Each of the four stories present women differently, some portray women the way they were supposed to at the time it was written, others portray them ahead of their time. Each of the four stories sends out their own special message across to the readers ranging from: running away doesn't answer everything to you don't always know what is best for your partners. ...read more.

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