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Discuss the way that Fanthorpe creates and uses characters in her poetry - 'You will be hearing from us shortly' and 'Telephone conversation'.

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"Sophie Distefano 11Bcbe" U.A.Fanthorpe Using any two or three of the poems you have studied, discuss the way that Fanthorpe creates and uses characters in her poetry. In this essay I will be talking about the poems 'You will be hearing from us shortly' and 'Telephone conversation'. All of the poems that we have read from her collection are about different cultures, society's, ways of life, and just basically people in general. Her poems are all very similar in her way of thinking and how she sees things in one typical point of view. She seems very set in her ways and very stereotypical when she talks about people in society; She is very critical and seems, despite her broad minded take on things, very fascist in the ways that she views different issues. ...read more.


In both poems, Fanthorpe uses very formal, strict language with a very blunt and patronising tone; I think this is to illustrate the feeling of terror in the interviewee, because as Fanthorpe shows us, interviews can be very unpleasant and very dis-regarding if you are not up to a certain standard that they expect you to be. The poem 'Telephone conversation' is obviously a very typical Fanthorpe piece because it has the usual Fanthorpe 'features'; The patronising tone, the stereotypical view, yet this one focuses on racism. It is about an African man who wishes to rent a flat from what seems to be a white, very racist landlady. ...read more.


The flat that he is applying for is at reasonable price, the landlady lives off premises but the location is not really that good at all; But to this mere, simpleton, this does not matter as he is very desperate for a flat and tolerant of whatever minor discrepancies await him. He portrays the woman on the phone as very stuck-up; He says that her voice was 'lipstick coated, long gold-rolled, cigarette holder pipped.' The landlady then speaks, but they are mainly only mono-syllable words, this is most probably to show ignorance. She says 'How dark? Are you light or very dark?' I thought this was extremely ignorant! If you say you're African, then the tone of your skin would make no difference whatsoever to who you are inside. ...read more.

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