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Discuss the ways Arthur Miller makes us aware of the tragic ending of A View From the Bridge in Act One

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A View from the Bridge is a play written by Arthur Miller. This play is set in America in the 1950s, in an Italian American neighbourhood under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The area Eddie Carbone and his family live in is called "Red Hook", a tightly knit community where neighbours are almost like family and everyone knows everything about each other. Red Hook is a poor area where all the families are in the same situation; men work at the docks and the women stay at home cooking, cleaning and caring for the children. Most of Miller's work is set in America and portrays realistic characters and events. He deals with political and moral issues and weaves in ideas from Greek Tragedy. He is interested in how personal relationships dictate the way one leads one's life and about people's struggles to do what is right. In this play, Eddie is the tragic hero; he mirrors the "hubris" characteristic. This will foreshadow to the audience that he will be the reason for his own downfall. The "Hubris" character, mentioned in one of Alfieri's speeches, would tell the audience that Eddie would always thing that he's right and no one would be strong enough to stand up and prove him wrong. Miller gives us clues about the play through dramatic irony (audience will begin to understand that Eddie's feelings towards his niece aren't right), symbolism (the characters on stage use a lot of words that have several meanings, and one of those popular words in this play is "sugar", which was mostly used to represent Catherine), foreshadowing (Miller gives us a straight introduction to the lawyer of this play who foreshadows a blood-shed ending, Eddie also foreshadows his own future actions by telling his family about Vinny Bolzano) and by using stage directions (the audience gets a better understanding of the play by looking at the positions of the different characters, for example, throughout this play Eddie slowly becomes separated from his family, ...read more.


This can be seen as his own fault; however some people might see it as just two immigrants. Of these two, Catherine falls for Rodolpho and Rodolpho loves her back, so a new life kind of begins for Catherine, instead of looking at it positively, Eddie seems to just not know what's wrong with who. He thinks that Rodolpho is somehow wrong when everybody likes him, but he doesn't realise that his feelings to Catherine are wrong until the end of the play. This can also be interpreted as a plot device. This is because they are the beginning or the cause for a turning point, in this case, a really big one. The audience will be aware that the atmosphere will not be the same after that they had entered, the audience will be sure that Eddie will think that the entrance of the two brothers is not appropriate for Catherine, so the audience will be warned that Eddie will not rest until he tries all he can to remove them from his house, this is also proven when he goes to Alfieri. Eddie who was concerned about Catherine meeting men has now got two in his house. The brother's names are Marco and Rodolpho. Marco is the eldest, a married boy who came to this place to work and send money to his wife and children. One of Marco's children is also really sick so he immediately starts working. This is very important because it shows that Marco is a good man who is not interested in any other women, so Eddie immediately starts to like him. Bringing those men inside, creates tension in the household, Eddie's fear increases as Katy falls for a man under his eyes, jealousy increases especially for Beatrice who knows exactly what's happening and the two brothers don't just bring in worry and anxiety for Eddie but they also bring their Sicilian Code of Honour and their beliefs. ...read more.


Marco says to Alfieri, towards the end of Act one, that "In my country, he'll be a dead man", this shows that it's seen as a sign of weakness if you don't respect the Code of Honour, so he decides to kill Eddie and at the end of the play, he does kill Eddie. "In my country" shows that Marco knows the consequences of killing someone in this country, so he doesn't try to think about it, even though he doesn't want to be seen as a weak person, Eddie lunging to him with a knife just does it, he turns the knife against Eddie which kills him spontaneously, after three words with Beatrice. Overall, Arthur Miller makes us aware of the tragic ending through lots of different clues that he uses throughout Act one. Miller uses symbolism, foreshadowing, dramatic irony, stage directions and Eddie's language and behaviour towards his niece to show us that there's something wrong with Eddie. These techniques will also make the audience aware, in one way or another, of the tragic ending that they all bring. These techniques affect Eddie differently and make him behave like he does; his true character is not really revealed to us until he looks at Beatrice and understands what he did. The tragic ending was predicted at the beginning of the play, but no one was sure of what was going to happen, but at the end it might make the some of the audience feel guilty because even if they were on stage, they might not have helped, some people might feel happy for Catherine, and some people might feel sad for Beatrice. But in overall, I think that the audience will say that this whole play flawed very well with a flawed hero, they might also believe that Eddie was possessed with "passion that has moved into his body, like a stranger" and was unable to control him. ?? ?? ?? ?? Discuss the ways Arthur Miller makes us aware of the tragic ending of "A View From the Bridge" in Act One ...read more.

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