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DISCUSS THE WAYS IN WHICH IAGO CONTROLS AND MANIPULATES TWO OTHER CHARACTERS IN 'OTHELLO' Iago controls and manipulates many characters in 'Othello' including Roderigo, Brabantio, Cassio, Emilia, Desdemona, and even Othello himself. I will only be looking at Cassio and Othello because the fate of Iago's plans rest in their actions, therefore he controls and manipulates them more than any of the other characters like Roderigo who is also manipulated by Iago for a lot of the play but I found the relationship between Othello, Cassio, and Iago more interesting because they are both his superiors so Iago has to be more careful with how he manipulates them. When Iago speaks to Roderigo he can tell him a lot that may or may not be true but Roderigo will believe him no matter what. Iago manipulates the characters in 'Othello' because he knows that if they all do what he plans for them then he can become Othello's lieutenant instead of Cassio. Iago also has many other reasons for manipulating the other characters in the play like how he loves Othello so much that he is determined to get his wife killed even though Iago has no chance of ever being loved in the way that he wants to be by Othello. If all goes well he will also become even more trusted by the other characters especially Othello, who as I said before he loves. ...read more.


This is one of the main points in the play because Othello's trust is the key to many of Iago's plots for Othello's own downfall. Othello must trust Iago a lot because in the beginning of act 2 you learn that Othello has trusted Iago to look after Desdemona for him, this is especially trusting because Othello and Desdemona are only just married and are practically on their honeymoon. Othello makes her go on a different ship in the first place because he is on a battle ship and doesn't want her to get hurt, but trusts Iago not to get too close to Desdemona, I do not think that Othello would have trusted Cassio to do this job though because he is known to be quite promiscuous, because he is always telling women how beautiful they are and kissing their hands and generally wooing them. Iago uses his knowledge of other characters to control and manipulate them more easily. This is shown in the play when he is talking to Michael Cassio. Iago knows that Cassio cares a lot about his reputation. 'I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial. My reputation, Iago, my reputation!' this line from 'Othello' shows us that Cassio is reliant on his reputation because if no one thought much of him he wouldn't have got the lieutenancy job in the first place with Othello because he isn't that brilliant at his lieutenancy but his reputation is, but we only hear this from 'jealous' Iago so I'm not sure if you can trust his judgement. ...read more.


Iago crucially uses a handkerchief that Othello had given Desdemona as a present. Iago managed to persuade Emilia to steal it for him and then he placed it in to one of Cassio's pockets so that it would appear as if Cassio was sleeping with Desdemona. This is crucial because it is the only piece of real proof that Iago produces for Othello. From my essay, I would imagine that you would have a pretty clear view of what Iago's personality is like. Shakespeare portrays Iago as a jealous, manipulative, scheming, devilish person. Iago symbolises evil in everyway, though not the typical evil of a school yard bully, but a very advanced clever sort of evil that is much more productive with its methods. Getting others to act for him, and pretending to be everyone's friend are amongst the ways he controls and builds up a web of manipulation. No doubt, his whole character is built on reputation for being honest. However, as we discover in the play, the word 'honest' doesn't have a very clear meaning to it because it is always used to describe the wrong people (Iago). Either way, all these techniques work in alliance with one another. A rogue like Iago is hard to get the better of because his methods are very Machiavellian - he is seen as 'honest Iago' by all, but talks to all the characters individually, according to the necessary way to manipulate them. Iago managed to kill many people (including him). I would say that a merciless and persistent scoundrel is the only way to describe Iago. ...read more.

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