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Discuss the ways in which Poets make use of form and language to present their views on love and marriage.

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Rina Bhudia 10E Miss Powers Eng Coursewk English Coursework Discuss the ways in which Poets make use of form and language to present their views on love and marriage. In this essay I will be comparing 'A Woman to her lover' by Christina Walsh, and 'Remember' by Christina Rossetti. These two poems were written in the patriarchal pre twentieth century. I will also be talking about 'My last Duchess' by Robert Browning, and 'How do I love thee?' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. These four poets have different views on marriage and love, they differ in the tone of language they speak in, and what they speak about. The poem ' A Woman To Her Lover' By Christina Walsh is a bold poem; Walsh gets straight to making her points on love and marriage. She wants to be her husband's friend and partner not his slave 'That I shall be your comrade, friend and mate'. She starts her first stanza with three rhetorical questions, 'Do you come to me to bend to your will' 'To make me of your bond slave' 'To bear you children, wearing out my life'. ...read more.


She is saying to her husband that she doesn't want him to feel sad when he remembers her when she dies, but she doesn't want him to forget her either, but if it causes him pain when he remembers her then, she would rather he forget her. Both Rossetti and Walsh are talking to their husbands in their poems and both are talking about their lives with their husbands. But Walsh talks in a more stern tone of voice and is rather like an argument and speech, rather than a poem. She lists the things that she will not do, where as Rossetti talks about how she wants her husband to be happy, and how she will not want him to be distressed when she passes away. 'How do I love thee' by Elizabeth Barret Browning is a petrarchan sonnet. In this poem she talks about how many ways she loves her husband, she writes it as if she can count it like atoms in a shape as she says, '... the depth breath and height'. ...read more.


in a way they were to be seen and not heard, as if they had no brain to think for themselves what to do. Robert Browning got exactly that correct in his poem. Walsh talked about how things were then and how she wanted things to be in her marriage, she had a brain and she used it, she did not want to do as commanded as if she were unintelligent, she wanted to make her own decisions, and she told her husband or partner that she would not be his slave or his dog. Rossetti talked more on a sentimental point, she loved her husband and she wanted him to remember her, but you can see her love for her husband was so great that she would rather have him forget her than have him be upset by her death. Elizabeth Barret Browning talked for her love of her husband, she loved him so much, that she wrote him a poem. Elizabeth Barret Browning like Rossetti wrote about love and not about equality. They were all very good and incisive poems with good points, which were put across rather well. By Rina Bhudia ...read more.

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