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Discuss the ways JB Priestley organises "An Inspector Calls" to convince his audience that "we are all responsible for one another".

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Discuss the ways JB Priestley organises "An Inspector Calls" to convince his audience that "we are all responsible for one another". Setting The play "An Inspector calls" was written in 1944 and was first performed in August 1945 after an atomic bomb was dropped during the war. The setting of the play is in Britain, Brumley, an industrial city in the North Midlands in 1912. At this time: - * The Titanic had recently sunk. The Titanic staff put the 'first class' people first and had discriminated against the lower class people, which made no difference because nearly everyone died anyway. * Britain was a country that lived by social divisions-the rich having little to do with the poor. * 7,000 people owned four fifths of the land, leaving very little room for everyone else. * Working women were seen as very low down but not as low as agriculture workers. There were 650,000 of them and they earned less than one pound a week. * It was a known and accepted fact that nearly eight million people earned less than twenty-five shillings (�1.25) a week, were under housed, underfed and not properly clothed. ...read more.


Although he was a clever man, he did not seem to think that there was anything wrong with betraying and lying to Shelia. His assumption was that his and Sheila's relationship would be unaffected now that they would not be involved with the police, failing to realise the impact his actions towards Eva had on his relationship with Sheila. Eric was angry with his mother accusing her of being the cause of Eva's death. His anger was fuelled by the realisation that because she was pregnant, his own child had also been killed. He was also angry with himself and, therefore, sorry for what he had done and consequently agreed to work for his father until all the money he had stolen was paid off. The money he stole was to help Eva, so at least he put it to good use and demonstrates some good will and he recognised how his drink problem made him "turn nasty" and that it contributed to her becoming pregnant. It is possible that Mrs Birling would have come to reject Eric because of the shame he placed upon the family in getting Eva Smith pregnant. Had Eva not needed to go to Mrs Birling for help, the inspector would not be involving Mrs Birling. ...read more.


His complacent attitude to these relationships showed his lack of respect for women and the importance of commitment in relationships. The inspector came across quite harsh and direct at times when said things like "you have caused this young girls death." Presumably this was because he knew that they were not getting the message that they were all in some way responsible for the outcome. He was really trying to help them see this in order that they learn love and respect all people no matter what their background. You could say that he was demonstrating that if they were loving and respectful towards others, they would feel better within themselves, gain respect from others and they would benefit society as a whole. It was a very bold and courageous thing to do and it showed how much he respected and loved mankind. J.B. Priestley used the character of Inspector Goole, as a kind of inner conscience, to express his views on the responsibility we have to ourselves, our relationships within our family, community and the wider world. Just after Mr. Birling made his speech about caring for yourself, the inspector came round and ended up telling them exactly the opposite of what Mr. Birling said. 1 Clare Apps 10A An Inspector Calls ...read more.

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