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Discuss three of the different reasons for marriage shown in

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Pride and Prejudice. Discuss three of the different reasons for marriage shown in "Pride and Prejudice " and consider what Jane Austin may have been trying to say about marriage in her society. Marriage was a central theme in Jane Austen's book "Pride and Prejudice" as in her time marriage was done when the women were quite young. Jane Austen uses this book to express her emotion that women didn't have much of a say in many things and they weren't allowed to work and shouldn't learn. Jane Austin's book shows us three main reasons to get married the first is that people should get married for money, another reason to get married is for passion, and the final reason to get married is to marry out of love. ...read more.


Unfeeling, selfish girl! Do you not consider that a connection with you, must disgrace him in the eyes of everybody?" Mrickham tries to marry Miss King but her parents successfully protect her, as he would gain about �10,000 pounds from her, he would then divorce her and run off with Mr Bennets daughter Lydia for his passionate needs, then Mr Darcy pays Mr Wickham to marry Lydia so that he can marry Elizabeth. Mrs Bennet treats marriage as a business as she wants her daughters to get married so that if Mr Bennet should die they her family would have somewhere to stay. The marriage between Mr and Mrs Gardiner is based on their love for each other and their family, they show their love for their family when they give great advice to Elizabeth about Mr Darcy, also when they take Elizabeth around part of England and will look after her. ...read more.


has returned and his name is Mr Wickham who gives a story to Elizabeth in which Mr Darcy is a very horrific man. Mr Darcy then breaks up the relationship between Mr Bingley and Jane and finally tells Elizabeth exactly the truth between him and Mr Wickham and why Mr Wickham hates him and then he reunites Mr Bingley and Jane. He then finally begins to repair the damage between himself and Elizabeth finally creating a double marriage between himself and Elizabeth and Mr Bingley and Jane. This book shows why and whom people marry during Jane Austen's time, the point Jane Austen was trying to make about marriages in her time is that many people marry for money and homes. The point she is trying to make in her society is that not many people marry for love. By Hiten Shah ...read more.

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