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Discuss why the documentary 14 Days in May is a biased report.

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'14 Days in May' Coursework (Media) Discuss why the documentary '14 Days in May' is a biased report. In this following coursework I am going to be analysing a documentary called '14 Days in May'. This will include a full discussion on why this documentary is a biased report. I will be focusing on the presentational devices used by Paul Hamann in order to get his point across and how he tries to persuade the audience into believing that Capital Punishment is immoral. To begin with, Capital Punishment is defined to be the execution of a convicted criminal by the state as punishment for crimes known as capital crimes or capital offences. There are various methods that are used in order to serve Capital Punishment. For instance, some methods include: Boiling to death, Crucifixion, Decapitation, Drowning, Electrocution, Gassing, Guillotine, Hanging, Lethal injection and many more. Moreover, Capital Punishment is often the matter of great controversy. Challengers of the death penalty argue that the penalty has led to irreparable miscarriages of justice. Many believe that life imprisonment is an effective replacement to Capital Punishment as it does not violate the criminal's right to life. However, supporters believe that the sentence is necessary for murderers by the principle of justice. ...read more.


In conclusion, I believe Paul Hamann has portrayed Edward Earl Johnson in this particular way so that he can gain sympathy and consideration from the viewers. Additionally, another presentational device Paul Hamann uses in order to get his point across is the way he presents Clive Stafford Smith. Clive Stafford Smith is a white British lawyer who practises in the area of civil rights and the death penalty in the United States of America. A white lawyer is effectual here because it makes the audience think that if a white person believes in Edward, then why should not we. Furthermore, he volunteered to act as Johnson's attorney and was seen desperately trying to stop the execution of the death sentence. He took the case from the High Court, to the State Court and later on he even took the case to the Supreme Court. This showed how much willpower and determination he had. The legal representative emphasizes on the appeal a lot, showing that he strongly believes that justice has not been served properly. Furthermore, the first time we caught a glimpse of Clive Stafford Smith was when we saw him shaking hands with Edward. Moreover, throughout the documentary and till the end we see how Paul Hamann has made Smith look very irritated. ...read more.


We also see the imagery of segregation and isolation in the plantation. Paul Hamann also puts contrast between the whites and blacks such as the scene where the black rabbit was tested and not the white one. From the beginning to the end of the documentary, the viewer gets the feeling that all whites are racist, which is a very stereotypical judgment hence adding preconception to this particular documentary. In conclusion, I believe the documentary '14 Days in May' is a biased report. In my opinion, the director, Paul Hamann produced this documentary with the intent to make the viewer realize the terrible effects of Capital Punishment. The way Paul Hamann makes the documentary, gains creditability from the viewers and makes the viewers agree with him. To emphasize this point, Paul Hamann only shows one point of view, he only shows Edward as a friendly and kind man. Paul Hamann only used Edward Earl Johnson as a pawn in his mission to prove and persuade the audience that Capital Punishment is wrong. On the whole, I believe the documentary '14 Days in May' is a very successful report in persuading the viewer that Capital Punishment is inhumane. Hamann has effectively presented his attitude to capital punishment and he has shown the viewers that capital punishment is wrong and altering the opinions who believed otherwise. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asfand Ali Gulzar '14 Days in May' Coursework (Media) - 1 - ...read more.

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