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Discussing Act.1 Scene 7 of Macbeth.

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Task 1 - (Act.1 Scene 7) The scene takes place in the Madison Square Garden's basketball courts after scheduled training. Chris Anderson, reserve point guard, a position recently appointed to him after Jason Hart sustained a serious injury, considers jeopardising Chauncey Billups position as point guard and captain of the Denver Nuggets. Chris talks to head cheerleader and girlfriend Ashley Reynolds and discusses ways to jeopardise Chauncey's position on the team. (Chris dribbles ball across court to Ashley) Chris: If only I could get rid of Chauncey without any suspicions or consequences (Thinks) I could purposely hurt Chauncey in a practise session, but the risk of suspicion would be way too risky. It would be much easier and beneficial to have someone do it for me. ...read more.


Yes we all love cheerleaders. Ashley: Well, I could jeopardize Chauncey's position on the team by making false accusations that he sexually assaulted me. Chris: (Thinks) No, I couldn't do that to him, Chauncey is a loyal friend and besides, I don't want to ruin his career. What happens if the plan falls through? There's a chance it will ruin my NBA career as well. All the NBA endorsement I have received will be lost. I don't think I'm ready to throw that all away for a starting position on the team. Ashley: You are wrong! Chauncey isn't a loyal friend, he is a team-mate and that's all. Nothing bad will happen to you and your career. You don't have to be involved, no one will ever know! ...read more.


You've wanted leadership and you should be granted recognition. What girl doesn't want her boyfriend to show leadership and dominance? I would love you even more if we were to pull this off. Chris: No, the Consequences of these circumstances are far too severe. Chauncey has done nothing to me in order for me to jeopardise his position on the team let alone his career in the NBA. If the predications from my college basketball are true, maybe I might get that leadership role as captain of a team, but who's saying that its going to be captain of the Denver Nuggets, who says that its Chauncey Billups position and role of the team in which I'm going to overthrow. In time, the prophecy will come true. It's better to hide my ambitions then expose them and run the risk of ruining my NBA career, a friends NBA career or my friendship with Chauncey. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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