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Discussing 'The Crow Road' by lain Banks.

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The Crow Road Sample Answer In the novel 'The Crow Road' by lain Banks there are four deaths which I feel are very important. However, the death which I feel is most significant in the novel is that of Prentice's father,[a1] Kenneth. This death is significant because it is relevant to the development of Prentice's character, the themes in the novel and the method of narration[a2]. In the beginning of the novel the main character, Prentice McHoan is set almost a quest by his Grandma, who has died, to find out what has really happened to his uncle and her son Rory .Rory disappeared years ago and no-one knows if he is dead or alive. During the novel Prentices father, Kenneth dies and this leaves Prentice feeling distraught as this means he will never be able to resolve the ongoing feud between him and his father over religion and their beliefs. By the end of the novel Prentice and the reader find out Rory had been murdered years ago. [a3] [a4]I feel Kenneth's death is very significant as it affects and develops Prentice's character. ...read more.


apart over the past months, a row which he had been "too embarrassed to end."[a8] After his death Prentice realises that his father was right about religion, 'They were here and then they weren't, and that was all there was. My father had the right of it." When Kenneth dies it almost ignites something within Prentice and he puts his heart and soul into finding out what happened to Rory. He finds documents of his father's which lead him to the conspiracy and cover up of Rory' s death. He shows how much he has developed in maturity when he is brave enough to confront Fergus when he realises he is his uncle Rory's murderer. '1 told Ashley about the horrible...head.' By this time he has managed to get over his 'true love' Verity and her marriage to his elder brother, Lewis, and is actually happy for them, "1 thought of Verity and Lewis. ..wished them well." ' This is a massive turn around from the character we are shown in the beginning. He even says later "Look at me I'm studying, I'm living quietly, I'm coming home to my mother every weekend." ...read more.


There are then flashbacks to the recent past. This is important as it gives us an unbiased view of events in Prentice's childhood.When Kenneth McHoan dies the method of narration changes again to first person, from the viewpoint of Prentice and this is when we see the change in his character. lain Banks also uses third person narrative to give excerpts from Rory's novel and the past when Kenneth was a child, e.g. "Kenneth watched Fergus shake with anger." Because he does this we get insights into Kenneth and Fergus's characters that Prentice could not know and this helps us understand them as adults. . In conclusion, I feel, the death of Kenneth McHoan, the father of the main character is extremely significant to the development of the main character, Prentice, to the themes of death and religion and also to the method of narration in the novel.[a9] [a1]Refers to question [a2]This explains which features of the novel you will deal with. [a3]Brief summary of the novel [a4]Topic sentence referring back to task set [a5]Point being made [a6] Evidence (Quotation of more than a few words set apart from the text) [a7]Analysis [a8]Short quotation, no need for separate line. [a9]Conclusion must refer back to the question and confirm that you have answered the question asked. ...read more.

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