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Discussing 'The Destructors' by Graham Greene.

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The Destructors The story is called ' The Destructors' and it is written by Graham Greene. The story is about is about a gang destroying a house and it is set at the site of the last bomb of the first Blitz suggesting it is during World War 2. The boys in the story want to be notorious and infamous like the 1940 gangsters and they want the fame of the Wormsley Common gang. The characters in the story are Trevor and Blackie who are the main characters and leaders of the gang Mike, Jo, Summers and some others that aren't stated. Trevor has only recently joined the gang at the beginning of the summer holidays due to him coming down in the world from upper class to lower class because of his father who used to be a architect and present clerk lost his job. Trevor only just joining the gang tells us that he is trying to gain authority but doesn't have it at the start. ...read more.


Blackie is disturbed by Trevor's description and appreciation of the beauty of the house 'it's got a staircase two hundred years old like a corkscrew' and he says 'there's panelling' Blackie shows he is disturbed by saying 'What do you mean, a beautiful house?' Trevor then astonishes the gang by firstly visiting Old Misery's house and secondly the proposal that they destroy the house. The house belong to a man called Mr Thomas who's nick name by the gang is Old Misery. The house Is situated at number 3 Northwood Terrace and it is the Only house to have survived the Blasts form the Bombs. The House is desribe as 'leaning and the house stood out like a Jagged tooth' suggesting it is fortunate to be there. Trevor becomes the leader of the gang because of his ideas the idea to destruct the house, his knowledge, ambition and the whole scale of his idea to destroy the house which is much more daring to what they usually do kicking the football at Old Misery's wall and seeing how many free rides they can get. ...read more.


Trevor doesn't want to steal anything form Old Misery and when he sees his money under his bed he leaves it as the object is just to destroy the house and enjoy pulling it down. Trevor was protesting at the way he was never Allowed to grow up the way he wanted, this is because his Mother and father wanted him to be mature and well behaved. Trevor almost looses his authority when he is protesting and worrying when Old Misery is coming back down the lane as it is to cold to go away for the weekend. He then regains the respect when he decides to totally destroy the house and comes up with the very cunning idea of trapping Old misery in the toilet. Trevor becomes involved with the gang because he is against other people having what he used to have and now has not. He changes the gang by getting them to do more daring and destructive work instead of getting free rides on buses. Trevor is very altruistic in what he is does and it is always to do with his jealousy. ...read more.

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