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Discussing the play Henry V.

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ENGLISH COURSEWORK HENRY V The play opens to Canterbury and Ely discussing Henry, on how his youth was savage and dishonest "the courses of his youth promised it not" but Canterbury also comments on how Henry has changed since his wilder days. "The breath no sooner left his father's body, but that wilderness, mortified him, seemed to die too, yea at that very moment consideration like an angel came and whipped the offending Adam out of him..." This shows us how his subjects view Henry as someone who has matured and become wise and responsible. Ely comments we are blessed by this change" This is also shows the trust f his subjects and hoe they now believe in his new authority. ...read more.


"The mercy that was so quick in us but late by your own council is suppressed and killed." He also deals with Bardolf later on in France when he steals from the church. Both Bardolf and scroop have been close friends to Henry's loyalty to the throne showing that close friend or not he must uphaold the law. The assult on the town of Harflur ends in glory after a speech spoken in words powrful enough for his men to gain morale and fight for Henry and their country. Henry is effective in his speeches, he uses sound and vivid images such as "set the teeth and stretch the nostrils wide..." which adds strong feeling to his speech. He gives merit to his men in his speech's "on , on you noblest English" in patriotic language. ...read more.


Henry's army appears doomed, might well have been melancholy in despair, but he disguises himself as a common soldier. He accepts pistols insult with patience, trying to lift the uncertain morale of his troops by discussing explanations. Shakespear's use of language is effective in that the monolouge is in blank verse. Henry's speeches are at rythm combined with lines such as "the almost mightset have coined me into gold" and "....the gentler gamemaster is soonest winner." Henry seemed to be an idol of the shakespearian time, he was portrayed as mature and confident in shakespear's plays. Giving the opinion that he was taut, trustworthy king that is eligible for the throne or was he a fabrication of shakespear's own political views, aimed at anti-French audiences of the time. ...read more.

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