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Discussing the presentation of Mercutio in Act 3 Scene 1 of “Romeo & Juliet”. Comparing and Contrasting 2 different film versions portraying Mercutio in this scene

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Mercutio's role in Verona is 1 of the prince's kinsman and he is a friend of Romeo and Benvolio's. His involvement in the play up until this point is limited but he was the 1 along with Benvolio that persuaded Romeo to gatecrash the Capulet ball to show him that there are more women than Rosyline. And he was there to taunt the Capulet nurse when she comes to tell Romeo of the marriage. In the beginning of act 3 scene 1 Mercutio and Benvolio are wondering around the town square of Verona on a very hot day Mercutio decides to take a dip in the local fountain Benvolio tells Mercutio to come in off the streets because the Capulets are wondering around and if they meet "they will not scape a brawl" The tension in the scene in the Zefferelli version of the film is created in the heat ...read more.


for it he jumps out of the fountain in a rage and starts the fight, but the most antagonistic person is Tybalt. In the Lurhmann version things aren't a lot different, Tybalt arrives and is looking for Romeo, Mercutio wants a fight with Tybalt but Tybalt doesn't want to fight with him he jus wants to kill Romeo, when Romeo arrives Tybalt proceeds to kick his butt and Mercutio is annoyed and goes over to help Romeo out he pulls Tybalt off Romeo and throws him onto sum broken shards of glass, Romeo & Mercutio are then talking when Tybalt grabs 1 of the shards of glass and lunges at Romeo but hits Mercutio under Romeo's arm, but that would never of happened if Mercutio had just left Tybalt and Romeo alone to fight each other. ...read more.


This is mostly down to the fact that both films use the same script written by Shakespeare and aren't modernized in the speech part. There are also differences though, much like they are similar in their attitude, relationships, antagonism and language they are also different in these aspects at the same time. Like the Lurhmann Mercutio is a lot more aggressive and is stronger than the Zefferelli character and he is also a lot more camp. The Zefferelli character is a lot more funny but he seems to be a skinny weakling and isn't very good at much just messing about. I think the most convincing character for me is the Lurhmann one because it is more modern and is easier to understand and he is a lot harder and I cant see the skinny little Zefferelli attempt being able to stand up for Romeo very well. ...read more.

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