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Discussing the strongly debated play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

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Shakespeare coursework Hamlet This essay is about the strongly debated play of "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, one of the most hotly debated views from the play is hamlets state of mind, this essay will be using three soliloquies these are not the only three but I feel that they help portray the state of mind of hamlet. The three soliloquies are act one scene two, act two scene two and act three scene one, I have chosen these as I feel that all of these best portray hamlets varying states of mind. Many critics have seen him as a "lacerating self critic", an "angry adolescent" and a "puritanical fundamentalist" In the first soliloquy hamlet begins by saying "Oh that this too too sullied flesh would melt" this shows a desperate state of mind to the audience, as for a prince to declare that he wishes to die would have shocked them, this is because "the almighty one [had] fixed his cannon 'gainst self slaughter", hamlet then goes on to describe Denmark as an "unweeded garden that grows to seed", meaning that with this new king Denmark is not being ruled as well as it was when his ...read more.


soliloquy two he starts "now I am alone" also showing a troubled mind, he then goes on to describe himself as a "rogue and peasant slave" this gives the impression of a self critic. He is also very confused that an actor can cry so convincingly at nothing and he cant shed a tear with so much to cry about, "but in a fiction a dream of passion" I feel that he is jealous of the actor and wishes he was as good as the actor. He then goes on to talk about what the actor would do if he had as much reason to cry as hamlet, he says he "would drown the stage with tears... amaze indeed the very faculty of eyes and ears," he then starts to describe himself, "pigeon livered" meaning cowardly because he will not kill Claudius, he feels that a truly noble son would not look for so many reasons before avenging his fathers murder "why what an ass am I...a-cursing like a very drab." Suddenly his state of mind changes into one of hope and gives the impression of a puritanical fundamentalist, as he has now thought of a plan to catch the king then he will know if he really did murder King Hamlet. ...read more.


what dreams may come" showing a very philosophical view I feel he questions himself, wishes to escape all of his troubles or would it be better to ace them head on and end them, this is a very introspective view. During the meeting with his fathers ghost, the ghost mentions about purgatory and how he is "doomed the night..." he said he could tell stories that would make your "blood chill", this is comparing to this soliloquy where he talks about the after life and contemplates what is awaiting him. There is also irony in that he contemplates forgetting everything and then Ophelia stops him, and yet he is so horrible to her that she goes crazy and so forgets about him in the only way anyone knows how other than suicide, in many ways it is suicide of the mind instead of the body. Another thing about the after life is Hamlet thinks that it is somewhere that someone goes and never returns from even though ironically his father came back from there, although you could argue that his father was not actually at whatever is beyond, but in purgatory the place between for souls with unfinished business on earth. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Pavey 21:13 4/30/2007 ...read more.

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