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Discussing the theme of lonliness in

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The novel "of mice and men" written by john Steinbeck is based on the theme of loneliness, and because the novel is about migrant workers, who are lonely because they travel alone from place to place with not a soul in the world but George and Lennie have each other, but even though they have each other they are lonely because they are two totally different people who just happen to travel together. Migrant workers became migrant workers because the rich lost their money when the stock market fell and the money became worthless, so the people went from place to place looking for work on ranches for about fifty bucks a month. The life of a migrant worker was terrible because they had to work hard for very little money. John Steinbeck chooses to use the characters he has chosen because they are lonely in one way or another. The setting is lonely because it is very quiet and calm and peaceful. ...read more.


Candy gets lonelier in the novel because Carlson takes Candy's dog out and shoots it in the back of the head and Candy was very attached to the old dog because he raised it from a puppy. Candy gets afraid of joining George and Lennie's dream because if they lose it he will become lonely again. Curley's wife is a lonely character in the novel because she's married to Curley, a very handy, tough, small man. She is also the only young female on the ranch and this also gets her to flaunt her bodily figure to all the men to get their attention and this causes the men to think that she's nothing but bad news, but the only reason she flaunts her body is because she's got a dream of being an actress. Curley is lonely because he thinks that his wife flirts with all the other men on the ranch and this makes him cranky because she doesn't flirt with him and she's supposed to be married to him. ...read more.


ends up killing the poor animal, but this shows that he doesn't act strong because he likes to stroke small soft animals, so Lennie has a sensitive side that the other migrant workers don't have. Slim, Carlson and whit are typical migrant workers and they are lonely because they go around to ranches on their own. John Steinbeck chose too include these characters in the novel because: - * Slim is a role model to the other migrant workers because he is supposed to be the most handsome man on the ranch. * Carlson because he is the only man on the ranch who owns a 'lugger'. * Whit because he is the cleanest man in the bunkhouse. In conclusion I would say that John Steinbeck explores the theme of loneliness in the novel by using human characters, places and animals as examples of loneliness because they are lonely. By Rebecca Prior 10KCo GCSE English Miss Heath Page 1 of 2 Rebecca Prior 10KCo ...read more.

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