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Discussion of Arthur Millers' The Crucible.

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The crucible is a play full of adversity and hysteria where innocent citizens of Salem are wrongly accused and condemned for witch craft; this can be linked back to 1950's America where normal people were unscrupulously being accused of being communist, they called this search for communists McCarthyism. As characters in the play buckle under pressure they begin revealing some of their deeply hidden qualities. Throughout the play Miller unmistakeably makes connections between Salem and hell. Through Proctor Miller relates intense heat and pressure of hell to that in the crucible. Arthur Miller wrote the play so that people could realise what could happen if a community becomes paranoid, in addition to this, miller himself was interrogated and falsely accused of being a communist and he was required to state the names of any others that were supposedly involved in the communists act. Miller responded to the accusation and the proposal with a speech worthy of John Proctor 'Mr Chairman, I understand the philosophy behind the question and I want you to understand that I am not protecting communists or the communists' party. ...read more.


As substances in a crucible melt and disintegrate they form a completely different substance. This could symbolize the society of Salem disintegrating and forming into a completely new one. After the situation had been heated what you are left with are the remnants of society that once existed. By the end of this play, the true meaning of the word crucible was a severe test. John Proctor underwent the most severe test and as a result his character underwent a drastic change throughout the play. The ultimate test that John Proctor undergoes is the final decision that he makes before he dies. The town of Salem was deeply religious and they were willing to believe the word of a deceitful young girl rather than believe in the integrity of people like John Proctor, Reverend Hale, and Rebecca Nurse. Throughout the play John Proctor was an honest man, as was his wife, Elizabeth until she was asked to testify against her husband about his affair. One thing that never changed about Proctor throughout the whole play was his willingness to stand for his beliefs. ...read more.


The Salem Witch Trials changed the man drastically as he appeared to be a stubborn man in the beginning. By the end, Proctor chose to die in the most righteous way, with dignity. In the beginning, Proctor could be described as stubborn and selfish, but by the end of he was anything but these qualities. He was willing to die alongside those that were accused and he refused to take the easy way out the situation by confessing to something he never did. Proctor and the others were unwilling to confess. Instead they stood for the principles of honesty and integrity in order to die noble deaths. "The Crucible" was a good name for this play because of its originality and how its various meanings seemingly fit into the plot and the various sub-plots of the play. Salem was the perfect setting for the "the Crucible" as the settlers had no place to turn away from the heat, the mayhem, and the severe tests that faced them in the town. The heat of the situation forced the change of John Proctor and the town was forever changed as a result of the trials and the false the accusations. ...read more.

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