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Discussthe relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

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Discuss the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth The first time we see Lady Macbeth is in Act I Scene v. She is reading a letter from Macbeth saying that he has had his future told by three witches. They say that he is going to be thane of Cawdor and then King. But he must first kill the king. Lady Macbeth says that Macbeth is moral to kill king Duncan and that he is also too loyal to his king. We know this because she says " Yet do I fear thy nature? It is too full of the milk of human kindness." In Act I Scene vii Macbeth debates whether to kill Duncan or not. Lady Macbeth is still on to him for his coward ness and she manages to convince him of the plan. She tells him how it shall be done. She planes to drug the guards and make them look guilty of the murder. ...read more.


He sees a dagger in front of him he tries to grab it but it disappears. Then it comes back and it leads him to Duncan's chamber. Then Macbeth kills Duncan in his sleep. After the murder the couple become really paranoid. They talk in really short sentences (this shows that they are really scared.) Macbeth: I have done the deed Didst thou not hear a noise? Lady Macbeth: I heard a owl scream and the Crickets cry. Did not you speak? Macbeth: when? Lady Macbeth: now. They also both think that they have blood on their hands. They really washed hard and they think it won't come off no matter how much they clean it. The relationship is a little abnormal but they are both a bit scared. In Act III Scene ii Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are still a bit worried about the murder. They are both thinking that Banquo knows that they murdered Duncan. ...read more.


In Act V Scene i Lady Macbeth has been seen sleep walking for a few nights and a woman calls a doctor to observe the events. When Lady Macbeth is seen she is talking about some spots of blood on her hand and she can't get them of. She then goes on to talk about the murders she and Macbeth have committed. She says that Banquo is dead and buried and that he can't come back. The two watching are very shocked and the doctor says that there should be a watch on Lady Macbeth. The murders she has committed have obviously mentally scarred her and the she needs help. In Act V Scene v Lady Macbeth jumps off of the tower and kills her self. Macbeth sent a servant to go and find out what the screech was. He says it was his wife. Macbeth didn't seem to care much and he just basically said that she should have died after and that it was a waste of life. He also says "tomorrow, and tomorrow" this is a soliloquy. ...read more.

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