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Disease Imagery and Hamlet

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Disease Imagery and Hamlet The Parasite The Parasite Imagery is used by writers to describe the setting of a piece of work. Not only does this imagery give more description, but also gives a philosophical twist to the interpretation of the piece of work. William Shakespeare uses imagery throughout his works, particularly in the play Hamlet. In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare uses disease imagery to describe the leadership of Denmark, and how corruption has infected the kingdom. Similarly, Shakespeare compares how an untreated infection can spread to the ones least expected to be infected. Firstly, the corrupt nature of the authoritarian rule of Denmark is compared to the infestation of a parasite in a garden. ...read more.


In the play Hamlet, the ghost of Hamlet Sr. appears, which brings about worry in the kingdom. This worry is shown when Marcellus says " Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." (Hamlet, Shakespeare, 1992, 1.4, 100) after the ghost appears from the watch. Furthermore, in the play Macbeth, the ghost of Banquo taunts Macbeth, which ultimately brings about fear in the audience. In other words, the ghost is like a symptom from a disease, and if not detected and destroyed, the disease could be fatal. In Hamlet's case the disease is Claudius. The overall affect of the ghost, produces an eerie feeling within the play, and enhances the disease imagery. ...read more.


(Hamlet, Shakespeare, 1992, 2.2, 276-279). Shakespeare has 3 shown how one corrupt individual can lead other people astray. The manipulation of the two courtiers is an example of how Claudius's infected mind has poisoned two other individuals. In conclusion, Shakespeare conveys a strong sense of disease imagery in the play Hamlet. Not only is Claudius the cause of corruption in Denmark, but he also causes others to follow him. Similarly, Shakespeare also used a ghost to enhance the effect of the disease imagery. Situations faced by people, involve making choices of following the right or wrong way, and it is up to each of us to choose the right way. In life there are the weeds, weed killers, flowers and fertilizers. ...read more.

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